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Its ok. Take your time. 

I did a small vid demonstration showing that my F9 Key works

I was playing in release 1_2 all this time. I reinstalled the game and I still cant bring up the option. I tried pressing F9 in the main menu, setup and accessibility submenus but to no avail. 

There is no settings from the main menu, but im guessing you mean "Setup" Unfortunately, none of the Function Keys work in both Setup and Accessibility menus

This game is really good but an option to remap buttons would be really awesome!

This game was amazing. It was a lil bit hard at first but once you get the first 3 spells the game becomes really enjoyable. It took me about 8 hours to finish the whole game. But once you defeat the final boss, you get booted back to your last save point and there's really nothing else to do because even if you get more gold, you probably already have the best if not one of the best weapons the game has to offer. All in all expect a really engaging RPG that is like a Solo Final Fantasy 1 and Earthbound mashup

If you ever make a sequel a minimap or map would be nice
graphics and difficulty options would be welcome too

Is there any box art I can use it in my Steam library?

This game is SICK!!!
Endless mode is a cherry on top