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Hey guys!

I'm not expecting much, but I just released my first game(which is also the first game I've ever made) 😅

I was originally just messing around in order to learn to code and draw pixel art. I've made a Hello World program before, and I've never done anything art related, so it's been a challenging task. Unfortunately in the middle of the project, I was getting bored, so I decided to make something out of what I was doing.

Hug Your Neighbors is a simple game where you... well.. hug your neighbors. There are NPC's that will harm you,  and a cop chasing you the entire time, so there is some challenge to it.  You can check the game out here

The reason for making this game is to learn how to make games. I plan on making more while I work on the project that inspired me to start making games in the first place. I see a very challenging road ahead, but this has been a great experience for sure!