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Easy to play, and graphicly great =)

For people with autism this really works well, great job with the visuals as well =)

For people with autism this really works well, great job with the visuals as well =)

The controls make the game difficult to play and also to complete sadly enough. The music does sound really beautiful and the graphics are also really nice.

Great cutscene with a very good jumpscare also visually really scary =)

Great sound and some great humor 

The game is visually amazing and the sound is also really scary and good. We hope that this game will see more mechanics added and get its full potential to become an Indie Horror game.  =)

The game needs more HUD elements and the zombies are a bit too difficult to avoid. But they're vibing real good and the overall 3D models work well with eachother.

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It sadly feels really unfinished and thereby becomes too easy.  Good monster and character sprite =)

Sadly enough a BUG caused the game to be unplayable sadly enough we weren't able to advance =( 

The game sticks to the theme really well but the controls are to floaty and slow.
And yes Only Milk tastes Like Milk =)

I will surely look into building this game =)

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Hey there,

It took a while but I have finished my first review ever with this game. 

Hopefully it is okay =)

Great =)

I'll try my best

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Hey there,

 I would like to make a review for this game.
Can I record footage of the game? 

I will link everything to your official pages and if you want give you a first look into the video.

Kind Regards,

KindoSaur Productions (Kellin)