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thank you! We're glad you like them.

Here are some animations that were done for the first level as well as some vines to block the entrance until you complete the current puzzle. Once completed, the vines animate and go back into the ground.

Thanks! Here's another update on my side:

I finished making the maps of the first (both inside and out) and second floor of our tower, which is the setting our protag is in.

The difference is minimal when you first look at them, but a lot of small things are changed between them like the patches on the wall, vines, leaves, and grass tufts. Also, even though the backgrounds look similar, the puzzles in these levels are going to be quite different as well.

Also it looks like we're just going to be using the same characters that I designed for the mockup in my first post, so I went ahead and animated the little ghost character in them. Will be uploading him later and working on the animations for the flowers and other animated background elements. Other things I've finished animating so far are the fountain and "your demise"sign. Both are very simple, but overall give life to the envirnment you're walking around in.

Dude this art is great! I just love how simple it is, and that moon is perfect, as well as the talking brain thing. It's all so interesting :D

I absolutely love this art. good job!

Haha thank you very much!

She Snapped!

Two kids snap, but in different ways

No, really! Your neighbor finally snapped and sent you to this weird dimension where things are nice and cute but...not?

But how can you tell? Maybe your trusty camera can help? after all, sometimes you catch the true personality of someone in an image, especially when they're not looking.

survive the tests within this strange place to finally confront the girl who put you here, and hopefully get yourself back home safely.

Programmer: Alexandre Choiniere (@Choinheap)
Designer, Character Artist: Kayla Bonney (@failforwards)
Writer, Background Artist: Kinda Wassouf (@kindawsgames)


So here is our first day's worth of work:

first, I got a color scheme going as well as the basic look for the levels. We're currently aiming for 4 puzzle levels, each one with the game mechanic of picture taking, and then another final level for the final boss. Here's what I came up with:

Kayla designed the main character, which ended up looking pretty cute:


She also started making the villain:

Alex proceeded to make the picture-taking mechanic. It ended up looking seriously cool. (The tiny character there was a place-holder as well as the background in the first gif)

I loved it! super nice demo, and very interesting. I kind of guessed it's ending, but I would love to know what happens next xD good job!

I enjoyed this one. It had a really nice message at the end, and although the story was short, it was pretty good.

Hmmm...Well, It looks like I might not be submitting something for this tyranojam after all...

I've been swamped with too many things lately, and don't really feel like I can keep up with all of it all at once. That's why I need to cut something out of my schedule, and it will unfortunately have to be this. So I guess while I'm here, I might as well add this screenshot into this thread rather than start a new one:

It was going to be my tyranojam game, and I think that I'll continue to pick at it from time to time until it's done, but I'll mainly be going back to my other game I was making instead. After all, I really miss working on it, and that's where my motivation lies currently. I wish all of you the best luck in completing your games, and I hope to compete in the next one!

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Hmm...Announcement, I guess.

Well I've been thinking long and hard for a few days now and I decided that I really shouldn't be working on Star in the Ocean Deep for my Tyranojam submission.

Here are the reasons why:

- the most important one is that its too long and complicated to finish in the given time of 2 months (and may end up longer than 30ish minutes of gameplay)

- the style that I wanted to go for requires me to spend too much time on the art assets which leaves less room for me to program the way the game is going to play.

However all is not lost!

I really think that Star in the Ocean Deep has a lot of potential as a full game and definitely plan on completing it later on, but I dont think I'll be doing that now.

Instead, I'll start working on a really short visual novel that I was saving for later. Instead of sci-fi, this one is going to be horror(ish), and I'm hoping it'll be a lot easier for me to make than SinOD.

That's right folks, I'm still gonna submit a vn for the Tyranojam this year, but its not SinOD.

I'll be making a post of what exactly this game is going to be soon, so stay tooned! :D

Please note that it will be in a seperate thread.

Update March 15 2017

As promised, an update! (technically its the day after, but shush, I tried my best, okay?)

Anyway, I ended up programming some of the intro of my game as well as making more expressions for Sahir today. Here's a test screenshot:

What do you guys think? I still haven't even touched the message box or any of the UI what-so-ever, but I think I'm going to leave those for later. I'm already a little late on the production side of things, I know, but life has been just a little bit hectic lately. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on the weekend.

I really hope you like the style so far. Feel free to tell me your thoughts! Also, there's Yasmin, Sahir's sister!

Star in the Ocean Deep Update March 11 2017

Alrighty…well these past 2 days were quite eventful. yesterday I started on 2 shots of my intro, and today, I made Sarah's and the main character's expressions (5 each so far).

I also managed do a good chunk of R&D. I figured out a few little things like how I'm going to deal with animated backgrounds and how I'm gonna convert videos to .ogv to use in Tyranobuilder. Finding a good enough converter is actually harder than i thought! So for those of you who still need to find one, try looking for Pazera OGV Converter. I can't recommend it, because I've only just found it recently, but It worked when I tested it out today.

I made sure to convert a test video and try using it in tyranobuilder to make sure I've got everything ready, so tomorrow, I can hopefully focus on drawing out my intro cutscene. The only thing I'm worried about is file size. I don't want my game to end up massive. That would suck pretty bad if I wanted to make it into other formats :(

its most likely optional, I just like to make one to pretty much keep myself motivated. If you'd like, maybe you can ask on steam in the discussions? I personally didn't ask before I posted haha oops.

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They say that Home is where your loved ones are waiting for you...


Star in the Ocean Deep is going to be a Sci-fi visual novel about a lost human boy trying to get back to the Mothership, where he last saw his sister before the unforeseeable accident that separated them.

Sahir Mustafa was a Mechanical Engineer that had only finished university a year before the accident. Along with his sister, he works in the Inhabitable Planet Exploration Program (IPEP). They worked in separate teams, but were very close, regardless.

But of course, the one day their teams were finally going to work together, something terrible had to happen...

Now you're stuck on an unknown planet with no food or water. Good thing this planet is inhabited by a humanoid species of alien. Maybe they can help? You must get the communications system working. Can you find all the parts needed and replace the rest?

Features: (may change later depending on time constraints and/or other reasons)

* The goal is to make this game into something akin to a hidden object game that includes the ability to interact with the characters.

* All-original art made by yours truly. (Kinda W.)

* At least 2 endings.


Sahir Mustafa (Main Character, Playable): Mechanical Engineer of Ship B5. Responsible for fixing equipment and maintaining his crew's small ship.

Sarah Zainab (Team member, NPC): Combat specialist. Responsible for running the laser cannon on Ship B5 (in case of asteroids, weapon not intended for combat.) and protecting her team-mates when on the ground.

Natellie Scott (Team member, NPC): Pilot of Ship B5. Responsible for safely getting herself and her team-mates to nearby planets for exploration. Also the leader of the team.

(image not currently available)

Yasmin Mustafa (Sister, NPC): Pilot of Ship A1, Her responsibilities are similar to Natellie's.

(image not currently available)

I will continue posting progress here as I go about making the game :D

Update Feb 25 2017

Oh looky! I Just finished making my new title menu last night:

What do you guys think? I know its not super fancy or anything, but I think it works well with the of the game.

Can you guess who that is?

Progress Update Feb 21 2017

-Created and added 11 more bust expressions for Naya.

-Changed a bit of the dialogue to make more sense with the story.

-Added a few hidden and interactible items/events in the current maps.

-Created two item images. They show up when you find those respective items to indicate what you found.

I still need to create more of those item images, but I think I'm going to be doing that as I create said items rather then prepare them beforehand.

I'm also super excited to start on some new maps and characters! xD this is gonna be fun!

Late Post: Feb 17 2017

Testing out the room in which you get the item you need to proceed after you complete two puzzles.

Actually, I originally wanted to make a version of this game in Arabic, but for some reason it looks like RPG Maker just wasn't programmed with right-to-left languages with letters that merge together to create words in mind. Kind of sad, honestly. I also tried using the Arabic Message plugin made by Buid436, but I just couldn't get it to work. There must be something I'm doing wrong…

Any info on that would be a huge help :)

Can you guess the hidden meaning behind some of the drawings in this room?

Update Feb 18 2017

Ok! So I FINALLY got the new light item to work (oh God that only took forever).

Here's a little preview:

It can turn on and off. The only annoying thing about it is that it appears to work UNDER the para layer of the Kaus Ultimate Overlay plugin (ugh why me?)

I'll have to get back to that later I suppose. For now, I'm in a desperate need for more facial expressions for Naya, and maybe a few item Images too.

oh, and by the way, this item was made using Galv's Visibility Range plugin.
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Update Feb 14 2017

So, here's a mini update! I recently finished the falling animation that I needed for one of the puzzles that I was making. Here it is, as well as an improved version of the battler idle animation for Naya:

non animated fall:

old battler idle:

new and final battler idle:

When the time comes for me to start playing around with the actual battle system, I'm going to try and make it so that when you equip a weapon on the map, the battler sprite will change to include that weapon. I'm guessing you do that by setting up a parallel event that checks if a certain weapon is equipped, then have it change the battler sheet accordingly. (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

I've already implemented the falling animation into the puzzle, now I just have to finish linking the two puzzles together properly (which I managed to confuse myself while trying the first time), and make it so that you can move on into the next room and take the item waiting there.

Update! Feb 8 2017

Ok so I've been meaning to update for days now, but I was trying to wait until I could get something done that I could screenshot and put here. Unfortunately, progress has been kind of slow lately, so here's an update regardless:

Things I've managed to complete since the last time I updated on here:

- Puzzle #1 in the underground area: You need to throw a rock to the target on the other side. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. (or at least I hope its not too simple haha)

-Puzzle #2 in the same area: You need to get to the other side, but how? This one is allllmost complete. I just need to make falling events that initiate a falling animation. (if I told you why, it would spoil the puzzle's answer.)

What comes next after I'm done with that:

*After finally finishing the 2nd puzzle, I'm going to be fixing up the item that you're going to be using to light your way, as I had left that for later.

*Creating the next puzzle. haha gosh dang it, so much for an update, there is so much sensitive info that i just cant tell/show you guys

*Creating the town that you will be entering later on in the game.

*Continuing to create the rest of the battler sprite sheet for Naya (main character) as well as implement the Yanfly's animated battler plugin into my game.

*Create animated enemy battler sprites. (hey, I didn't study animation for nothin'.)

Really nice game!

I enjoyed the simplicity of the models and textures very much, and the dialogue was adorably silly.

I was caught completely off guard because of final boss, but that was obviously because you ran out of time to finish it. The only thing that I would suggest working on would be the character's aim, because having to move a little bit towards the enemies so that your arrows would hit them proved to be a little tedious (especially if they somehow snuck up on you and were really close by the time you saw them).

All in all, with the little time you had, this a pretty awesome game! :D

Woah! Update on the same day, man!

I'm currently working on the side-view battler sprite-sheet for Naya. Here's a WIP of her idle pose:

I'm going to be chipping away at that little by little as I work on the levels of the game. Haha the side-view battle system seems a bit complicated to get into, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out as I go along.

The Golden Letters (title may change in the future)

Note: If you'd like to follow the development of this game elseware, or would like to check out previous posts about it and other games I've made, feel free to take a look here: www.kindawsgames.tumblr.com

The Golden Letters is a puzzle RPG game made in RPG Maker MV that features all original artwork, tilemaps, and sprite sheets.

The game will mostly be story-based, with a female protagonist that wakes up in a forest. She is unable to remember where she came from, or how she got there. All she can remember is her name: Naya.

As you play the game, Naya will come accross some golden envalopes that contain letters written on equally golden paper. They appear to be from someone who knows her, however she has no way to contact them back, and with every letter you recieve, they seem to be getting more and more frightened and desperate.

It' your job to help Naya find these golden letters and follow their directions on where to go and what to do next in order to get whoever sent them out of their mysterious situation.


This game is still in the very early stages of development, and there is no set date for completion. I plan on having the demo out within a month or two, currently. This may change depending on the circumstances.

Thanks for reading, folks!

Oh thanks! Im glad you enjoyed it! xD

Hello again!

I just tested out the game by downloading it from here on itch, but I didn't run into this error after the message. You were talking about the one right after the intro, right? I'm asking because you can also check how to play the game if you look in your items menu. So far after the intro, it seems fine.

Regardless, I fixed a few minor things in the game like spelling mistakes and stuff, so try downloading it now, maybe it'll work this time? I have a friend that has also played the game, and he doesn't seem to have run into any errors after the intro, so I honestly have no idea what it could be. I'm sorry if its still not working. :(

Oh? hm...let me look into it. Thanks so much for letting me know!

very angry :D

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Day 15: Saturday Jan 21 2017

Woah! Finally finished the game with less than one hour to spare!! The parallax mapping isn't all that great, but unfortunately, that's because I pretty much made the res a lot higher than it needed to be because I wanted to try to make the game in 1920 x 1080 res from the start. Note to self: Don't do that...

Because the res is so high, the characters had to be 3x the size that rpg maker mv usually requires, which means that the characters' sprites are gonna be tall and end up going under the "par" layer when using either Orange Overlay or Kaus Ultimate Overlay plugin. I other words, I'll either have to live with the way the game looks now, or remove the para layer completely. Maybe a middle ground would be to remove some of the para in some places and leave it in others. I'll still look weird though. It's a good thing that I made my other game (the one I was working on before this one, The Golden Letters) 1280 x 720 instead. much easier to control.

Things I completed today before submitting:

-Created the title screen image

-Added an item in the inventory that shows you how to play the game when used.

-Fixed a game-breaking bug I discovered that prevented the player from moving at the very end of the game.

-Finished the ending images and evented them in.

-Did a few last minute play tests to make sure everything was working.

-Finally submitted the game!!

Yey!! Be sure to take a look at it! Thanks for following my progress on this game, and I hope to enter again next time!

If you'd like to see what I was working on before I joined, be sure to take a look at my devblog: www.kindawsgames.tumblr.com

Until next time,

-Kinda W.

Oh I see! Sorry about that then haha. Well thank you for such a quick reply!

Hello there!

I absolutely love the parallax maps that you made for this game, and the character is adorable! I'm pretty impressed with all your visuals, actually.

However, I don't know if there's a bug that I found, or I just did something wrong: In the part where you run away from the villagers and into a tiny house, I find the key, but I can't use it on any of the doors, and I can't go outside either. I tried finding the menu button to access the items, but it doesn't look like you have one?

Day 13: Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Alrighty! looks like I've finally finished the gameplay aspect of my game! all 4 levels are complete now, and all that's left is prettying it all up. :D

Things I've done today:

-Completed level 4 (gameplay wise)

- Playtested a few times to make sure the last 2 levels were hooked up correctly. found a few bugs that I had missed/ things I forgot to event in, and fixed them.

-Finished the last 3 images in the intro and evented it so that it would play at the beginning of the game.

What's left to be done:

-The ending images/cutscene.

-Parallax mapping and fixing the random transparency issue in the maps using the Orange Overlay (or if I run into problems, the Kaus Ultimate Overlay) plugin.

Hopefully, I'll make it with a complete game by the deadline after all! I'm not out of danger just yet, but I shall try my darnedest!

Day 12: Wednesday Jan 18 2017

Well, It looks like today was wasted a bit because the gameplay I had in mind for the final level (4) isn't going to work, so I'm going for something else. It's a bit harder than the other levels since in this one (so far) there will be 3 dogs chasing you, as well as the Boss to deal with. I'm keeping the other gameplay that I'm trying to implement a secret for now. I've finished half of the eventing for the final level so far, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to finish it completely and start with the finishing touches of my game.

Those are:

-finishing the intro of the game (both drawing the images and eventing it)

-starting and finishing the ending

-using the Orange Overlay plugin to make the hiding spots able to actually cover the character while hiding behind things like boxes and tables and the like.

-Make and add the credits to the end of the game.

It seems like a short/easy list, but the amount of things that I need to get done is actually a lot more than it looks. Here's hoping I can finish it all. I already cut the part where you were supposed to rush all the way back up the building to the window that Putty came in from in the beginning after you save Goob.

Haha but I don't regret going it alone for this game jam. The whole reason I did was to test myself on how much I could possibly complete by myself. xD

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ahaha thank for the complement! But I was hoping this post could stay PG if you please? I don't know if there are any kids looking around these forums. plus the link isn't really safe for work.

very short and cute game!

the art looks awesome on here. I'm a sucker for simple yet colorful styles :D

Day 11 : Tuesday Jan 17th 2017

Hello again!

So yesterday I didn't manage to work at all haha. I fell right asleep after I got back from work, so this is a bit late.

Anyway, I managed to get some work done today:

-Fixed a bug with the doors to the other levels, since if you were right up against the wall and tried facing down to use it, it wouldn't work. This problem was causing the dog enemy to catch you before you could possibly step back to try again. Don't worry, though! The fix was really simple and it works perfectly now.

-Finished creating most of the layout of the final level. All that's left is starting to event the boss "battle" (not) that will occur there. The reason I said "not" back there is because there won't be any battle system involved in this game. Be patient young grasshoppers, you'll see it when it's finally out! ;D

-Created the final boss character!!

Big Dog:

He's the biggest dog in the pound, and ready to take you down! (I'm still debating on whether to make him slower than the other dogs in the game, but I'm not quite sure that'll work for the encounter with him that I have in mind. We'll see what happens.)

Big Dog's goal is to someday take over the city. But first, he's gotta rake in a lot of cash! Kidnapping Putty's little brother seems like the perfect way to do it…or is it?

haha no problem. I was wondering why the cashier didn't even care when buying the tea and stuff, then i realized that it was probably a bug when i got back to the house.

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Day 9: Sunday Jan 15 2017

Ok so it's actually the 16th right now. I wanted to post this yesterday, but it was pretty late by the time I stopped working on it, so here I am now.

-I managed to make more items in my tilemaps for both level 2 and 3.

-Finished most (if not all) of eventing the puzzle in level 3.

-Started with drawing and coloring the images that will be shown in the intro of the game. Here are some SCREENSHOTS. xD Haven't had those in a while, huh?

I'm keeping it simple since its pretty much crunch-time now. I hope you like them!

I still need to make the final boss's sprite sheet as well as the tiles needed for the basement that you go against him in. There's no battle system in this game, so you'll see on the 21st how you're gonna have to defeat him ;P.

You'll also need to get Goob out of the building after you do, so I still need to work on that as well as the images for the ending.

wow! all the art in this looks awesome. cant wait to see the final result!