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Hello thanks for the coment and play the game :), about the bugs of collision i didn't had  enought time for fix  these :(

Where is to download de game?

Hello fluffycatty, if you want play the game, the drive link is in the coments, sorry but i don't know whats happened 😅😔

Hello Lyrcaxis, thanks for the comment ^^, I know that there are problems to enter Doors, before delivering the game we did not know the problem of the doors, we did not have much time to try the game and see all the problems that were in it😔 , but I'm glad you liked the game despite the problems there are😄😅

Hello NOTJOSH_17, thanks for leave a comment😄, you say that the controls are reverse, this is because when you shoot you move backwards by the impulse of the shot, I understand that it may confuse at the beginning and we will consider it for the next time.

You also say that the character moves very slowly for you, I'm sorry, we didn't have enough time to know what the right speed is for the player to feel comfortable playing😅, so we put that speed because we thought it was right for us.

Hey Wolfo, I am really happy reading your comment, thanks for leave a comment and play the game ^^. 

Well game, but this game need more feedback, for example when i use the swort there isn't a sound, and when i am attacking a enemy there isn't feedback, only there is a particule when he die. 

Also the game need a music background

Good Work ^^

Hola, soy uno de 1r, vi este juego en caixa forum y hoy lo  he visto este juego de casualidad en y solo quería decirte que me pareció un buen juego, lo único que le falta es una una animación o algo cuando cambias de "carril" o de lado ,pero por todo lo demás esta bastante conseguido el juego

Buen trabajo ^^

(1 edit) here is the game, this is my solution, sorry for this :(

(1 edit)

Here is the game, i don't know because don't appeat to download, but is my solution, if you want play and rate the game download the game throught the link.


I know, but the game is made this way😬😬

Thanks por the valoration😊😊😊