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Best game i have ever played i love the game, story line and the characters and there behavior, personalities and characteristics.

Even the demo is amazing i just can't get enough from it that i have to play it over and over again i can't wait for the full game I'm sure it will be amazing my only wish i don't have to pay for it but other than that i can not thank you for making such a wonderful game and can't wait for more like it.

This is a wonderful game it was so fun even though it only lasted a few minutes i realy liked this cat noir brtter than the real one i cant wait for more updates and for people to play it keep up the ood work.

That's greet and I can't wait to see more in both the game and the comic book i hope luck is in your favor and rest assured I will be checking in frequently for any new updates.


I just want to make this as quick as possible. nice too meet you i just finished play this game and i really enjoyed it just wanna say"thank you too for making this game i wish i could see more " .

It was really entertaining even though I wasn't really satisfied with the good end it game me lot of questions and didn't really have that whole happily ever after maybe that is because we didn't really save the pride or get together with nzuri but maybe that is because I didn't play it well so I will try again and I hope the sequel will be better and also free emphasizes on free but other than that It is a really good game and I am so hyped so please tell me when the sequel is coming out.