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No ending?

How long should I stay alive before getting teleported to the Gorilla? I found him under the generated level, but I can't jump off the level because I'll die.

I completed the game and got $5000. It was neat. Took me 9 minutes to beat.

Bug: The ghost jumped into the void.

I completed the game. I found revolver ammo by searching around the area during the monsters fight. 

Restarting the game solved the invisible monsters issue.

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One of the best FPSC games. However, it still matches the level of a free indie Unity horror game., except more buggy.

1- The grammar needs to be improved A LOT. It would be better if the developer made someone improve it for him.

2- "Find X items" missions are very boring and hard. The first kind of this mission required the player to collect 3 limbs. Due to the color scheme of the game, I assumed that some of the limbs were rocks. Also, one of the limbs is hidden under a cart guarded by an enemy, how fair. Another type of this mission wanted the player to find a key and grab a ladder. Here's the problem, the key is very small, I missed it multiple times when scouting the areas.

3- The combat sucks, as usual with FPSC games. I only have 6 revolver bullets and an axe to kill 5 monsters. It takes 3 bullets to kill 1 monster. The melee combat is very awful.

4- Game breaking bug: "Sean" monster is invisible. He hits me, but I can't hit him. This is the point where I stopped.

Other than the game design issues, this game is not bad. The developer is very talented since he was able push the FPSC engine to its limits. The world would be a better place once he moves to Unreal 4, Unity or any other respectable engine.

Funny game. You should add more levels.

I turned on all the 5 generators, and found the supply crate (which is the green crate found in a building).

But when I go to the red zone, nothing happens. The game doesn't end.

It is a silly game, but I liked it.

Great game. I loved it.

Great game. Would love to see it expanded.

I found all the 5 orange boxes. Good game.

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I completed your game. The best weapon is the default pistol. The shotgun, magnet and the cannon performed worse than the default pistol. These weapons are a waste of 'kills'.

You should add sounds and music to your game.

The shop is very abusable, especially since you can shoot through the shop's door. Was this intentional?

Other than these issues, your game was decent.

I enjoyed your game. You can make it better by adding sounds and music.

It was okay.

It would be nice if you added more guns to the game.

The jumping mechanic could be improved, other than that, I enjoyed the game.

It would be nice if you added a score system, or a story with an ending.
You should add more guns, levels and enemies to the game.

The robots health can be negative, you should limit it to 0.
There's a gap in the ceiling, you might want to fix it.
Sometimes the robots shoot when they're dead.

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Simple, and straight to the point. I liked your game.
This game reminded me of Viscera Cleanup Detail, minus the humorous tone.
Looking forward to play more games from you.

I enjoyed the game, it was fun. I completed the game in 43 seconds, I could've completed it earlier, but I wanted to destroy all the machines. It would be nice if you add more levels to your game.

Can you upload the game in .zip or .7z format?

I spent 10 minutes trying to find the last two chests, they're nowhere to be found. Can you give me the location of all chests?

The shooting is sometimes unresponsive.
The gun shoots slightly right of the cross hair.
The melee attacks are too slow.
The boss has a lot of health, and his rock attacks are deadly OP.
There aren't enough ammo to kill the boss, please add more ammo to the levels.


It was short and fun. I enjoyed the game. My only complain is that the first puzzle is very easy.

Here's a walkthrough/speedrun footage for you:

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The games becomes very choppy two and a half minutes in, the fps reached 26 and lower with GTX 780 ti.

Hello, can you upload minimum graphics version of your game?
Using GameGuru settings:
  1. Bring eveything under "Quality Settings" to 0.
  2. Decrease Camera Distance to 0.
  3. Decrease Fog Nearest and Fog Distance to 0, so you can hide the small draw distance.
  4. Bring everything under "Graphics Options" to 0.
  5. Set all shader options to lowest, Distance Transition and Transition Range to 0.
  6. Bring everything under "Post Effects" to 0.
It would make your game more accessible, especially to those who might not have high PC specs.
On unrelated note: Are there any win zones or win triggers in your game? Or is it just roaming in open-world?

I recorded a gameplay footage of your game:

Loved it 5/5. Hoping to see more from you.