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it explicitly states that it's based off minetest, which is an open source minecraft clone engine. it's basically a gamemode for minetest

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keyboard controls are quite whack, game feel leaves a lot to be desired (feels pretty clunky so far, delayed sword attacks are no fun, tutorial doesn't feel welcoming enough). artstyle wise it looks clean, vibrant, but i can't see it in music or gameplay itself. 

still looks p interesting and i hope it will get better towards the release

captures the feel of samurai jack pretty good but the platforming is the absolute weakest part. it's incredibly wonky with the delayed controls

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You still sound too dumb and tech illiterate for a 17-year-old.

To clear things out, it's not a rip-off, it's simply a clone.

Game engine clones have existed for a long while, and their goal is neither to steal money from the original developers, nor to profit off their assets. There also have been games that tried to replicate the other, more well-known games, like what SuperTuxKart is to Mario Kart. This game uses Minetest engine as a base, which in itself is a Minecraft clone, but more barebones so people could mod it easily. This game is a natural extension of the engine which tries to provide the functionality similar to Minecraft. It doesn't profit off Minecraft assets, since the assets made by the dev, and they don't try to profit off it or just make a dumb clone; in fact, this game is GNU LGPL licensed, which basically means that everyone can have it and everyone can modify it and distribute it as long as they provide their modified source.

Also, I actually have a Steam account with lots of games I bought with the actual cash! What a f**king twist!

You certainly don't look and sound as you're 17 though.

Yes. Free as in freedom as well.

You clearly don't understand how does law and free software work, kid.