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I noticed than the game takes a long time to load, I'm pretty sure it's because the music files are loaded into memory at startup.

To do it quick, "static" sound files are loaded and decompressed in memory where "streamed" sound files are directly read from the disc.

The advantage of "static" files is than they are really light process to read, it is recommended for SFXs and other short sounds.

Music files on the other hand should be streamed.

Hope it helps you :)

The new version fixes all the big problems, so nice :D

This is the third time than I'm playing through this game, do you think it would be possible to add a key to skip dialogues?

Thanks again for this great game :)

The save files are stored at a different place than game files, you can update safely.

Thanks for the information!

I'll try to get those ^^

That was an amazing experience, I completed the game and unlocked as much I could.

My player stats are now 4-3-3, is that the maximum or did I miss some secrets?

I'll surely come back to this game!

Well played !

I understand what you say about acceleration, I will do a patch after the jam to implement that, hopefully it will feel better for the most ^^

(The base version will stay online.)

For Megaman jumps you're correct, it's a pretty unusual design choice but I really like those, I will think about it for a possible next time, maybe for an higher basic frame 1 jump height ^^

Thanks for your review !

Thank you !

Gotcha ! I will remember all you said for the next time, thanks a lot ^^

Great idea ! The only bad point I found is that ennemies life bar is pretty hard to read, else it's a perfect for me ^^

Really fun game, I personally liked the speed of the character, maybe adding a key to slow him down would be a good thing.

Thank you ^^

Thanks for this detailled review !

Can you please tell me some other platformers that follow this idea ?

As far as I know, 10 seconds challenges is pretty common (You Have 10 Seconds serie, 10 Seconds Ninja are the most famous ones), other games have those kind of limitation (Super Meat Boy with A+ grades for example), but I don't remember of any game that limit your total playtime, I mean by that the whole game (not individual levels) to one minute.

Thanks a lot ^^

I like it !

Hello, I never heard of Cubix before, and the two games are really different, I don't really see your point.

Despite all this, thanks ^^