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Nice game, the voice lines surprised me a lot in a good way! I liked the “twist”, but the “forced deaths” started to frustrate me after the second time. Good experience overall :D

Very nice game! I encountered multiple glitches but I decided to ignore them on my rating.

I didn’t really like the dash feeling though, the fact that dashing on a wall on one axis (say right or down) doesn’t behave the same way than dashing on two axis (say right and down). Threw me off multiple times.

Great job, I enjoyed my time playing it. I will look for updates on this one.

Thank you for your complete review! I’m glad you took to build the game and play through it.

I had the same issues with the distribution, only getting it to work on Arch based distros. On Manjaro, your friend should be able to run the game by installing the raylib package and running the binary.

Zig and Raylib are very interesting projects indeed, happy I made you discover something :)

I can’t make static builds of my game, especially not for Windows ─ I’m a GNU/Linux user. I’m so sorry about that, I made the game during the jam and submitted it for the gesture but I don’t know how to build binaries for Windows. Don’t worry about me it’s my fault and I assume it. Move on to games you can run. Next time I will take care of choosing a toolchain than I know works on Windows at least :) Thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment, it’s nice of you.

Hello, I really love the jam theme and started making a game. I’m a GNU/Linux user, and I don’t have the time to setup and rage on a Win10 VM. My question is: Is it allowed to submit a game to this game jam without Windows binaries? I can build for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD if I have time, and will include sources. A competent Windows dev should be hable to find out how to build it ─ I’m not.

Thanks in advance, I wish you have a nice day.

It’s now public! Thank you, wish you luck with your projects :) Have a nice day.

Ha glad to see than I was wrong! Maybe advertise it a bit more yes, I didn’t found this information. Your link seems to be private, I can’t access it (404 error), and can only find the builds on your Gitlab profile. Thanks for answering so quickly!

Hello! First of, good luck with this awesome project. I would love to see where it goes, we need a better sprite editor. I like the idea behind it, and follow your progress closely. Here is my suggestion: make this project free and open source software. Free and open source software (or libre software) is better than proprietary for a lot of reasons: transparency, ethic, accessibility, collaboration, etc. I can’t list them all, and as a GNU+Linux user I only use at least open source and preferably libre software. Aseprite is open source, and was even libre at some point! A better sprite editor free and open source would be awesome! A lot of game developpement tools are licensed under MIT License, you might want to take a look into it :) Please consider it, I would love to see this come true!

Damn I’m sorry, I didn’t know the controls would be such a big problem >_< I finished making an external configuration file for controls yesterday, it will fix most of these problems. Please wait until the jam judgement is over and we will publish the update, we can’t do it before then. Thank you!

I’m working on a simple solution, will take a few days. Nothing groundbreaking but it should solve that kind of “problem”.

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Thank you for the report, I fixed the issue but I don’t know if I’m allowed to upload a new version of the game since the jam is over. I will wait for jam results before uploading anything. Here is how to fix the bug by yourself:

mkdir 'Disk Mayhem'
unzip 'Disk' -d 'Disk Mayhem'
cd 'Disk Mayhem'
nano conf.lua

Remove the = false line (line 4), then save the changes (Ctrl+S) and exit nano (Ctrl+X). You can now run love . in the 'Disk Mayhem' folder and the game should start properly. If you have any similar conf.lua related error, repeat the process for the signaled line. Hope it helps, have a nice day :)

Thank you I will look into it, I’ll reply to your comment a second time when it will be fixed. I don’t know for the controller but I can surely do something for the keyboard.

Sorry to hear that, can you give us more informations such as keyboard layout, controller type, operating system etc.? Thanks :) Due to the fact than this is a jam game it won’t have keyboard/controller remapping, but we will fix what doesn’t work.

Interesting to see your take on this! This is a very fun game, I’m impressed by how good it looks (especially the menus). Is the IA taunting me? x) Have a nice day :)

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Haha funny in deed, when I saw the jam I immediatly wanted to make it multiplayer.
I never worked on networking before, so I’m interrested in the challenge :) I may try to do it in the near future, we’ll see!
I will check out your game too, I’m interrested to see your “Two Players Disk Room” ;)

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Very fun game, has a few gamebreaking glitches but I had a great time playing it overall :D

Thank you! I will try to put more particles/screen-shake in my next project, thanks for the feedback :)

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Thank you for playing my game! I really appreciate your comment :D

The music was made by xJackFox for his game The Starlit Escape :) I don’t have any music skill and love this OST, so I wanted to use it (CC-BY’ish).

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You can consider it a full version :)

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Hi, I made a 1-bit platformer game. You have 10 seconds to beat each level using your double jump and slide ability. I learned a lot during the creation process, I hope you will like the game :) I’m really bad at pitches x) please see the 5 seconds video bellow

Thank you for your time!

It works, thank you so much!

Hello, just bought your extension it’s really good so far, apart from one thing: collisions using the Pixelated Pope’s tile_meeting() method doesn’t work in live rooms due to the fact layer ID change. It bothers me, since I bought the product mainly for the live room editing feature. Is there any solution to that? I only have one tile layer per room, which contains, which is the one I want to collide with. Thanks in advance :)

Thank you!

Really fun/interesting puzzle game, enjoyed it a lot. I want more of it! Love the art style and audio too. Really fit the game. Played on Linux with Wine.

My favorite game of the jam so far, that was just a fantastic surprise. The upgrades with buff and debuffs are great, enemies attacks were readable, good music choice, great jokes. Get my 20/20. A shame I couldn’t play the game properly because the game only has QWERTY bindings and I use AZERTY.

Sidenote : could you ship a ZIP build aside of the installer after the jam? It would have a better integration in the app and be easier to manage for a lot of us (I’m on Linux running games with Wine, don’t really like installers).

Two days delay whoops, thank you!

Thank you! The acceleration is rather slow indeed, I’ll take that into account for my next game.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for testing (and liking the text)! The game don’t crash when there is too many player, it just slows down a lot. As showed in level 4, you can hit R to retry if there is too much lag :) The game might be stressfull depending on the playstyle, I designed the levels so they can all beaten in a slow logical way so that “stress” can be avoided. Hard I agree though x)

Enjoyed the game (and text) a lot, great work! I had hard time to see the “projectors” or whatever they are, a bit more contrast wouldn’t hurt.

Really love the concept, beated it on my first run thanks to a lucky roll sword only on last boss x) I wondered while playing if I would be able to buy new “rolls”, in a deckbuilding manner.

Ahah, thank you :D If you have issues beating a level, you can still skip it doing with Ctrl+S and see what’s next :)

Same problem on Linux this time.

Thank you! The diagonal cloning is indeed optional, glad you liked the game :)

Awesome game, finished my first run in about an hour. I will now try to get on the dark side.

Like the game, would purchase if there was a Linux build.

The new version fixes all the big problems, so nice :D

This is the third time than I'm playing through this game, do you think it would be possible to add a key to skip dialogues?

Thanks again for this great game :)

The save files are stored at a different place than game files, you can update safely.

Thanks for the information!

I'll try to get those ^^

That was an amazing experience, I completed the game and unlocked as much I could.

My player stats are now 4-3-3, is that the maximum or did I miss some secrets?

I'll surely come back to this game!