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Sorry about all the UI issues, but it should all be resolved now. Thank you for bearing with me haha


I found the problem and fixed it. You should be able to click the play button now. I also fixed the info page. There was a sizing issue because of the screen resolution. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you encounter any other issues. Thank you for helping me debug! Hope you have fun playing odies bondsman 


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Hi Spudcats! Could you tell me what you've tried. Can you press any other buttons, or is just the play button not working? Is the entire screen frozen? (the eye should follow the cursor). What are your specs? have you tried playing in and out of fullscreen mode? Thanks for your patience.


That was actually on purpose. It was built that way so that the player has to build supports to the building before placing it. It is more realistic that way. Sorry if I hadn't explained that.

Thank you so much! What about the building was weird? I'd love to fix it up after the jam!

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much! Sorry if the icon was misleading. I've been doing some aesthetic art recently, and made the icon quickly (due to the jam). Thanks for the comment! Means a lot!

Thank you so much! And yeah, they do kind of look look like rocks. I probably should've used smooth shading for those :/

Nice game concept, only issue is that the jump gun's jumps are very jarring, i'd recommend using a lerp to jump with the gun. Other than that, great game!