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hello! Sorry to bother your day but i can't seem  to figure out the controls? I can only move around the "controls:" isnt showing;;

can i play this with keyboard? Does it need any other requirements?

Just like the jam's title short and sweet! My suggestion is maybe when we look to the things around us miss helper witch could give toughts about the things like when we click the tress she says something like "a tree!" And when we click the tree again "nothing more nothing less, a tree!" Idk lol 😂 oh, when i tried to "remember command" and out it says erorr? Like file not found qwq i really love the art! So cute<3 thank you for your hardwork, i hope you have a nice day and a good night's rest uwu


Hello! I've just download the game and i'm stuck? Like, how do i get rid of the rat? When i tried to do seto's and momo's quest kido and mary keep repeating the same stuff aside from that i love the game so far tho! So nice! Thank you for reading! Have a nice day"<3"

thank you so much! Have a nice day

hello! This game looks soo good and i download it but after the intro it suddenly stopped working? Or is it just me;; thank you for reading!

Hello and good day! I love this game so much, my favorite characters is snow and joyce hehe i was so sad when joyce leaves ;-; this game was awesome im so hyped for part 2!! Its pastel, very pretty artstyle, interesting story! Keep up the great work and have a good day♡