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Really love your neat small concepts like this one ! I finished  it all the ways I could (I think) and had a really great (but stressful) time.  Congrats to you and your gamejam team !

Remember how you did beat the second one in the house.

Haha ! On m'a même conseillé de t'envoyer un mail pendant la jam si  je n'arrivais pas à faire du procedural. Ravi que ça te plaise en tout cas.

Thank you for your feedback. The 0 symbol represented the 0  numpad key, but I  edited it. It is now replaced by the right and left ctrl keys instead.

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Une superbe production, votre équipe a fait un taff  dingue et  c'est top de travailler à partir de contrôleurs alternatifs. Bravo à tous.tes :D

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Hello there. Thanks for playing !
Good news : I'm working on a very short extra ending for Under the bed. This is a way for me to thank you all for the great feedback you've made. I hope you'll like it !

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Thanks ! I'm planning to make more games, and I could probably use this kind of mechanics again, in a bigger project. I'll let you know !

Thanks haha !

Thanks ! I will.

It would be an honor ! Can we discuss that in private ? Mail me at :)

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This is so touching ! I can't thank you enough for this feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and yes, I will make more games. I hope you will like them too  :) !