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Got it recommended by my partner and loved every bit of it. I also managed to unlock every achievement! Woo-hoo!

The OST is absolutely amazing and the whole look of the game makes it such a unique game. Thank you for creating it!

They are amazing! Congrats Autumn!

Hi there! This issue has been reported to me a few times already. Even though no patches for the demo have been planned (for now) I will ensure that you can toggle that motion effect off in the full game. And if I patch the demo, I will make sure to add that toggle too. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Woops! That's weird. What controller are you using? I'll investigate to see if I can fix that for other players who could have the same issue

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Thank you for playing, and congratulations for finishing it! Weird issue you got with the controller at the start of the game. Did you plug it after starting to play? If so (and if you have the time), could you try starting the game with the controller already plugged in? I would like to see if the spinning bug still occurs.

When the full game is released? Maybe :)

Thanks! There is some small additionnal content if you finish it once and directly start the game again once you're back on the titlescreen :)

An awesome experience from awesome game devs. You all rule!!

This is very powerful, both by the atmosphere and by how the whole architecture helps you to *feel* what the game is about. I'll probably play it again several times, because I think there are still things that will give even more sense to the message now that I played the game entirely.

Can't wait to see the other games you'll make in the future! Thank you for sharing this one ♥

Hi, thank you very much! This game is made on Unity 2019 .1 (I upgraded it  to 2019.3 since though)

My new favorite type of horror games

The best convention you can attend to

You still did great! Salt can be used to draw lines in the path between beasts and you. It won't protect you for long but it gives you enough time to look in front of you without being attacked in the back. I'm still thinking of ways to make it more clear, as many players seem to have the same issues. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Thank you very much! I hope you'll beat it next time :)

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Thank you for your feedback! Also nope don't worry, I don't take "Puppet Combo Standard" as an offense. It's actually quite the contrary! Considering what actions you can't do, i might have an idea on what caused that. I'll take a look!

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Thanks for your feedback. You still did great! But yeah, circles are rarely useful. Drawing lines between you and them along the path is the best solution to survive. I'm currently thinking of some ways to make it more clear, and I'll possibly add an easy mode. Thank you for playing :D

Hi! No more content will be added for now yes. Only updates for balancing, ergonomy & bug fixes :)

Trop trop bien, je teste ça aussitôt que je le peux!

nightmares never end ;)

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Discovered Timeout on twitter a while ago. I've been waiting for that game to be released! I really loved some ideas and aspects of the game, there is a super interesting lore behind all this.
The only problematic issue I had was with the dialog text apparitions. They were slowed down by my computer, so they were not synchronised with the voice acting. But I was still able to hear and understand what the characters were saying so I still got the story and a good immersion :D!

Thank you for sharing this super nice story and atmosphere, and also for this lovely main song!

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Came here for the "beyond garbage" recommandation but ended up playing a game I liked. Am I garbage too? Only donuts will know.

That's a very odd but interesting farm to visit :D. Really loved records 3 and 1. 1 actually made me laugh out loud!

Controls are a bit too sensitive in my opinion and my computer got a bit laggy when I started wandering the big desert. But I felt like it got better while I was progressing so it's all good for me hehe.

Also really loved how the game ended. Just like the end of a lullaby. Oh and talking about lullaby I really loved the music! It made me feel very nostalgic somehow.

Thank you for the nice trip!

Hey! Thank you for playing Data Center, and thank you for your feedback & topic! I hope you will like my upcoming projects :).

Really love your neat small concepts like this one ! I finished  it all the ways I could (I think) and had a really great (but stressful) time.  Congrats to you and your gamejam team !

Remember how you did beat the second one in the house.

Haha ! On m'a même conseillé de t'envoyer un mail pendant la jam si  je n'arrivais pas à faire du procedural. Ravi que ça te plaise en tout cas.

Thank you for your feedback. The 0 symbol represented the 0  numpad key, but I  edited it. It is now replaced by the right and left ctrl keys instead.

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Une superbe production, votre équipe a fait un taff  dingue et  c'est top de travailler à partir de contrôleurs alternatifs. Bravo à tous.tes :D

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Hello there. Thanks for playing !
Good news : I'm working on a very short extra ending for Under the bed. This is a way for me to thank you all for the great feedback you've made. I hope you'll like it !

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Thanks ! I'm planning to make more games, and I could probably use this kind of mechanics again, in a bigger project. I'll let you know !

Thanks haha !

Thanks ! I will.

It would be an honor ! Can we discuss that in private ? Mail me at :)

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This is so touching ! I can't thank you enough for this feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and yes, I will make more games. I hope you will like them too  :) !