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Thanks for the feedback!

A lot of people told me about these problems and i fixed them but I'm waiting until i can release an update after the submission stage. It's ok I will rate your game, It's not criticism when you are giving me feedback. Thanks for the feedback! I hope you enjoy the game after the update!

Thank you!

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Thanks mate!

Yeah I changed the rewind mechanic, And made it that you  know when you hit an enemy. I will be releasing a new update after ratings will be done were I fix all what you said in the comment. Thanks for the feedback and the support!

Yeah i think i was so pressured by the time that i forgot to make a effect for rewinding or pausing time after the submissions are done i will be releasing an update and making them noticable when using.

Thanks for the feedback! I started to rework on the rewind mechanic 

Are you referring to the rewind or the pause time one?, Thanks for the feedback

Thanks so much for playing the game and thanks for the feedback. Am happy you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Am happy you enjoyed it.

thanks for the feedback! Am happy you enjoyed it.

thank you so much!!

Thank you so much!!

Unity's files.

Great game had amazing gameplay would like more games from you!


Amazing game simple art style liked it a lot hope to see more from you!

Thanks, Ofc am gonna look at your game!!!!!

Amazing game hope to see more from you

Thanks you Omar!!!!

thank you so much!



my pfp explains me after the gamejam.

Amazing had fun playing it. Controls are a bit hard. great entry!

Amazing Controls had a blast playing with it amazing entry!


Amazing rewind idea like how it was took!



Thanks! it was my first game jam ever so i was nervous but i had fun, thanks for the feedback too!

Amazing game Used the rewind system in an amazing way!

Thanks for the feedback!

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The voice actor is amazing, Post processing is on point and works with the theme and...... THE MEMES 10/10

Love the mechanic and the idea on how it was made and the art and mostly the post processing effects are on point.

Amazing game, Mechanic idea on point!

Thank you so much for the feedback!


Late for school is a school project i did in 3 days, Believe me it's bad really bad. So if you want to play it Go ahead