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i love just everything about this game! The art, the writing, even the fact it made me cry. I'm very glad I got Do Androids Dream before Tears or there would have been even more crying! I delayed writing this, trying to think of like...helpful stuff? Or better phrasing? But you've successfully reduced me to "I love this android" and some intermixed sobbing! 

I love this game! I actually first played it a while ago but swapped computers and though I could remember the game I could never remember the name of it until a couple of days ago. I'm so glad I found it again! :D

1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

Ahhhh start with the hardest question ;_; It's a toss up between Mitra and Reksa - it depends which route I'm doing at the time :p Mitra would prooobably steal my heart like 0.01% more than Reksa. Rama's...his mood shifts are little too uncomfortably familiar for me to really like him that much.

2. What makes you consider to play this game?

Pretty boys with wings! It's rare to find a VN with winged people and even rarer to find one where they're not angels (i was raised kind of small-town catholic so flirting with angels is suuuuper uncomfy for me so im extra glad to find a game where they're not angels). Also, the art samples are gorgeous and I really wanted to see how the whole game looked.

3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what elements stand out the most? (art? story? character?)

The art is absolutely beautiful, I mean genuinely breathtaking. The characters were very well-written; Not only the bachelors but Granny Sukma, Asih, and Yuda also all felt like family members by the end.
4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.
Tamara's comments about Ayu being weak for committing suicide were a, they touched a raw spot? I don't really know to phrase it? It seemed very harsh given the nature of it?
5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)
Absolutely! I'm really looking forward to Bermuda Triangle!