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Yay!!! Heading right away to installation. Screenshots look appealing. I'll be sure to come back and rate 5 stars if I like the gameplay.

Didn't like the cursor control. However, I loved the gameplay.

Loved the demo.

I can see the girl might start to have an affair with the scion boy in the coming chapters. Will wait for the updates.

Type Off is a short 6 minute typing speed game. The game is a project I'm working on for my college graduation this year.

I've already tested the game on Linux and Windows but I need an OS X user who can test my game, and let me know if there are issues or if it works all well.

I want to make sure my game works fine on all three desktop platforms before I release it as finished.

Thanks in advance.

Tried the game on Debian testing too. Same crashes over here.

Boost your touch typing skill with Type Off. A typing speed game that has a short game play of about 6 min.

If you are learning or already have touch typing skill OR maybe you have a very unique typing skill, this game will get your fingers exercising. Hope you'll love the game.

Download link

Nice concept. Played the game. Totally loved the audio <3 effects