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Add the steam game on your wishlist. That way you’ll be notified when the game is on sale/discounted :)


Nice lighting. Fun gameplay.

Never made it further than level 1 ;P

Installation error on Linux

Haha... most game just refuse to run on Linux (either game devs forgot to test or my low end hardware is to blame) but for slight strange behaviors like yours I can figure out how to run it. I hit Alt+O for OK button.

Can you change the image for configuration window? I can't scroll down any further plus the window is not resizeable at all :( 

Yay!!! Heading right away to installation. Screenshots look appealing. I'll be sure to come back and rate 5 stars if I like the gameplay.

Didn't like the cursor control. However, I loved the gameplay.

Loved the demo.

I can see the girl might start to have an affair with the scion boy in the coming chapters. Will wait for the updates.

Type Off is a short 6 minute typing speed game. The game is a project I'm working on for my college graduation this year.

I've already tested the game on Linux and Windows but I need an OS X user who can test my game, and let me know if there are issues or if it works all well.

I want to make sure my game works fine on all three desktop platforms before I release it as finished.

Thanks in advance.

Tried the game on Debian testing too. Same crashes over here.

Boost your touch typing skill with Type Off. A typing speed game that has a short game play of about 6 min.

If you are learning or already have touch typing skill OR maybe you have a very unique typing skill, this game will get your fingers exercising. Hope you'll love the game.

Download link

Nice concept. Played the game. Totally loved the audio <3 effects