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This was a cool little game. No one interested and no one helping. Some lovely animations and sounds. Cut scenes were great too. Good job... :)

Nice game. Some really cool graphics and mild jump scares. Intro was fantastic and sound was well done. Nice job... :)

Cool looking game. Nice graphics and sound. Super story. Nice one... :)

A very nice game with super graphics and great sound. The voice acting is superb and tells a really good story. Another fantastic game John. Keep em coming... :)

This was pretty cool. The voice acting was superb even if the subtitles didn't quite fit the screen. The story was like PT but with an actual story to it. The graphics were nice and cut scenes were all done very nicely. A super game. Well done... :)

This is quite an interesting game. Has a few different situations to play through but with a few tweaks here and there and more content could really be a house of horrors type of game. Overall tho a well made and fun game... :)

The final release is here. How does the game end ? 

This was pretty fun for something you just 'shit' out in a week. Played well and just kept on moving when it got going. Cool game and 'oink oink, bitch'... :)

A cool PT clone type game with a really good atmosphere. Nice graphics and great sound. Very nice... :)

Super demo with lots more to come. The graphics look cool and the voice acting and music are top notch. Great job... :)

Wow. An amazing looking game. The art is fantastic. The sounds are spot on too. A great story and it all ran silky smooth. I really hope this is continued as it's such a fun game to play. A very well done to all involved. Superb... :)

This game was very well made. Graphics and lighting were top notch and the ragdoll physic made this fun and annoying all at the same time. That lunchbox was a nightmare but I really hope you add more after the jam.  Overall it was fun and a cool game to play. Well done... :)

Really good game. Ran well and sounded like you had fun making the voices for it. Be nice to add a few more rooms and tasks before finally opening the box if you decide to carry on with it after the jam. Overall tho an excellent game. Well done... :)

How fun was this !!! Absolutely superb. Ran well with fantastic graphics and brilliant music. I hope this does very well in the jam. Great game... :)


This was really cool and for three days this was really very good. All ran smoothly and had some great sounds and music. Superb job... :)

A nice but very short game with super sounds. Ran well and looked cool. Well done... :)

This was pretty cool. I do think a more human, rather than a robot voice would have worked better tho and Pascal just seemed to get in the way. Was a really good story with some excellent rooms. Ran smoothly and the music was totally spot on for the project. A really superb 20 minute game. Great job... :)

A pretty good game with a decent story. Runs smoothly and has some great sounds. The whispers are very good. A very well done... :)

A very nice game. Fun to play. Ran smooth and had good music.  Well done... :)

I answered all the game choices as I would in real life. I didn't go for the 'happy ending' if there is one. I was just honest. This was a very nice game. Loved the sound and artwork. Especially the crowd picture and all the faces looking at you. The story was very well thought out. A really meaningful game. Well done to all involved... :)

This was a fun play. Ran really well and I hope after the jam you'll add to this. Maybe add more different types of people and a drunk you need to keep off the bus. Things like that. Was a good game tho. Well done... :)

A cool game. Lots of jokes but also a good story. Was fun to play and ran smoothly. Another great game... :)

This was cool. Lots of great locations, Super story, A really annoying jump puzzle and sounds to burst your eardrums. Overall I really enjoyed the game. A very well done... :)

Very short. No idea what this was about but I played it... :)

And the final version is up and it looks fantastic !

Superb colourful graphics. Cool music. Punching things smaller than me and getting more beer at the same time. A really really well done guys. Loved it and want more... :)

This was a very fun game and it ran extremely smoothly. The owner chasing you just added to the game even more. Overall a very polished and I hope more people play this. A very well done... :)

What a weird but interesting game. Some of the images and movements are top notch. Had no idea what was really going on but enjoyed it all the same. Great work... :)

A super fun little game. Played well and had no problems. Music and sounds were good and extra zip music when seen was cool. Graphics were crisp and colourful. Overall a very good job on this. I enjoyed playing it... :)

This was very interesting with lots of great effects and sounds. Good job... :)

This is fun to play. Staggering about punching stuff while looking for those beer bottles. It runs very well and the graphics and music were superbly done. Cool game... :)

Very cool demo. Lots of atmosphere. Hopefully the game won't be on hold for long as I'd really like to see where this goes. Great demo... :)

This was a fun game. The hits,trips and wrestles all made this extremely fun to play.  I agree with Dizzy below that more types of prisons are needed if you want to make the game into more and maybe even add different prisoners including maybe a kingpin prisoner with added strength thrown into the mix. Levels can then be created to keep people playing. All in all tho a very fun and smooth game with a great music track... :)

Interesting game as your always just walking into darkness so never knowing what will 'pop out' at you. I'd really take out the eyeballs as they were just not scary and spoiled the atmosphere at the start of the game. It ran very nicely and had some great moments...

Cool little game. Really never knew where it would pop up next so always atmospheric the whole play. Was a bit of screen tearing but overall it was a fun playthrough. Hoping Plague will be good. Good job on this... :)

Superb game. Unlike any other type of game out there. Fantastic drawings along with gameplay and great sounds. So much fun to just keep on moving along and cutting away. Awesome job guys. Loved it... :)

A small but well made little game. Could be the start of a game introducing you to the main protagonist. As it was a coffee jam tho, well just making coffee was enough. Ran well and had no problems. Cool little game. Well done... :)

Super game. As soon as I saw Kate was doing the voice I just knew it would be good. Fantastic voice, Fantastic music and some really lovely looking artwork just made this game. It ran smoothly and was an enjoyable playthrough. Great work... :)

This was pretty good. Voices were superb and the moments of suspense were top notch. Played really well and no problems. Great game. Well done... :)