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Loved this. Annoying as hell when you just miss one but so satisfying when you get them all. Great fluid movement,sound and christmas music. Hard to control for people who prefer down to be up in flight games but you get used to it. Top game...  :)


Fun game. I few times I just got stuck and couldn't move but was still fun... :)

This was a cool little game. Nice graphics, sound and story... :)

Nice little game. Runs smooth... :)

Created a new topic Gameplay...

Nice game and I'm sure with a few more goes I could have done better... :)

This was really fun. Be great if it could be longer. Great game... :)

Fun little game. Nice and christmasy... :)

Well wow. This was an awesome demo. Great looking game with a totally scary atmosphere and the sound effects just scares the crap out of you also. Amazing job. Can't wait to see more of this one... :)


Fun to play and fills a little bit of time... :)

It's funny... Nuff said... :)

Bloody socks ! Nice quick game and runs nice...

Fun game that's not as easy as it looks. Runs and handles extremely smooth...


Wow. Great concept and it made for an extremely interesting game. This was fun and very very very well made. Congrats on this... :)

Great game that's very nicely done...

Nice game. Well made and runs smoothly. Congrats... :)

Created a new topic Updates...

Like the look of this so far. Think I actually preferred the snow in the first version. Looks weird in the 3rd update. Some of it goes upwards for some strange reason. Not sure if it did in the 1st version tho. Lights on the tree would make it  look more christmasy and guessing as we seemed to have crashed our sleigh that finding all the missing presents and getting a new sleigh will be the game content or is it just a walk around game ?  So far tho. I like it and keep going... :)  

This was fun. Recorded and added to my Xmas Videos... :)

Beautiful looking game. Added my own music if that's ok for my video ?

Nice ! Runs smoothly and a good atmosphere. Well done... :)

Give this game a go. Nicely put together  and well made...

Great game. Give this a go. Enjoyed it...

Nice story and nice graphics. Shame there was not much of an ending but was fun to play and enjoyed it... :)

How do you get passed the locked door. No key about and shooting the lights seems to do nothing. Stuck...

Played this again. If you get seen your dead. No chance of escape. If there was sound of Elmo's voice when you leave the house then it didn't play for me and after 3 or 4 deaths the radios just didn't spawn for me anymore and that was even after I totally restarted the game. More bug fixes needed. :)

Voted. :)

What a super small game this was. Be great to see this one longer. Great atmosphere.

I think I broke it... :)

A beautiful little game with music to match. Would really love to see more. :) 


Interesting. All ran very smoothly. Not maybe a horror game but more a puzzle game. Nice story and sound effects. Well done. :)

Easy to play. Easy to die. lol

Great graphics and very smooth gameplay. Enjoyed what there was of it, but i guess like others would have loved to have seen more. :) 


Interesting style and nice tension to the game. A nice clean demo... :)

I really hope you do. The lighting effects and change of atmosphere were great and more would make it a great game. :)

Nice concept but way to short and not enough content. Nice try tho and

a great start to what could be a really good game if you add more to it.

Cool story. Nice graphics. Atmosphere was crazy when the music cranked up. Nice game so far but lots of bugs to sort out...

Nice atmosphere. Easy gameplay, Great story. Can't wait for the next episode.

One gripe... Just needed to be a little bit longer... Keep up the good work. :) 

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Awesome. :) 

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Cool game. Wish it had been longer.

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Cool game. Give it a go and try to survive... :) 

Interesting game. Strange but still fun to play... :)