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Very cool game. Atmosphere was spot on and every sound added so much to it. Ran without any problems and overall a fantastic game to play. Superb... :)

Another great game. Just as strange and weird as you would expect with these games but all very playable and all very enjoyable. Great stuff... :)


This was pretty relaxing... Until more and more letters appeared. lol

Played well and really was nice with the voice acting.

Well done. Keep safe... :)

This was fun and annoying at the same time. A great idea but placing the objects was hard. Looked really nice and ran well. A great playthrough. Well done... :)

Here is the end of year tradition. Wouldn't be the end of the year without it. This one was a bit harder than other years but still great as always. Happy new year... :)

Glad this game finally got an ending. Plays well and the falling snow looked very impressive. With the added voices and story this was an enjoyable playthrough. Well done... :)

This was extremely well made. Cut scenes were fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing. The black and white also added to the overall feeling of the game. Also thought i'd made a really good thumbnail till I looked below, lol, but overall this is well worth a play and for a made in a week game this was amazing. Big congrats... :)

This was great. Story seemed a bit weird until you read the spoiler at the end and then it all made sense. Typical Dema graphics style and sounds which all work fantastic as usual. Another great game. Happy Christmas... :)


This was cool. Great visuals and sounds with some great voice acting. Very atmospheric. Well done to all involved... :)

This was pretty cool. Lots to see but lots you couldn't see. After the knife throwing you never knew who was going to show up. Great sounds and atmosphere and all ran very smoothly. Atmosphere makes a good horror game and this has it. A very well done on this. Great work... :)

Yay a new one. This was pretty cool and i hope you carry on with it. Ran really well with great sound and music as usual. Nice models and when mr big hands gets faster towards you adds even more to the wooohhhh factor. Great work Matt... :)

This was great. Had all the suspense with an added twist. Ran really well and for the game a week was really fun to play. Congrats... :)

A very "Hello Neighbor" type of look but with a very disturbing story. The graphics were fantastic tho and you never knew if someone was about. The sound was good but maybe needed a few more squeaks or footsteps here and there just to get the heart beating a bit more. Puzzles were excellent and not too hard. All ran very smoothly and overall a superb game. Great job to everyone involved. Something to be very proud of.. :)


This was pretty cool. It played well and had a great ending. Quite short but gets on with it without any messing about. Lets see if your next game tops this. Good job... :)

This looks simplistic but plays well and has a great story to it. Lots of imagination work but the voice acting and the music totally make that possible. Very cool... :)

This was really nice. Great little story with a super atmosphere which also played really smoothly. Great stuff... :)

This was fantastic. Graphics were top notch and the sounds and hints all over the place were very well done. As a pt sort of clone goes this had a great story and an ending which all meant something. There was a picture with a number 3 in it. Did that mean anything as I couldn't work out why that was there ?

Overall one of the best pt type of games I've ever played and a big massive well done to all involved. Loved it... :)

Very short but a lovely game to play. The music and sounds fitted the game superbly and as a start of a game was fantastic. As a lengthier game this would be great to play and with a story would be even better. Great work, and as you learnt a lot with the engine there is hopefully more to come from you... :)


No idea what was going on. Weird and fun at the same time. No way you could stop once you started tho. Had to see what was at the end... :)

This was... Interesting... :)

This was a really cool game to play. Graphics and sounds were fantastic totally creating the atmosphere and immersion... :)

Very short but very powerful message all put together in a very neat little game. Good job... :)

This was so much fun. From the guys getting stuck in the wall to the kid even having a go. Ran really well with sounds and music to match. Don't piss off Grampy... :)

A great idea with a great atmosphere. Sounds and music were also great and also added to the atmosphere. Superb... :)

This was a really lovely looking game. Sounds and music were also extremely well done. Hopefully there is a lot more to come. Well done... :)

Really cool looking game and super music. Plays well with no problems. Good job... :)

Superb art and music which really sets the atmosphere. The walking part of clicking left and right is a bit boring but it's the story that really makes it worthwhile. Really cool voice acting also sets the mood and is done fantastically. Well done to all involved... :)

The mouse sensitivity on this is unreal. Smallest movement and you have totally spun all the way around. Very hard to play like that.

This was well made and with that Dema style it's easy to get right into. A cool ending to finish the game was great too. Well done... :)

Really good game to play. Not a lot to do but the stories all seem to be a bit like watching an episode of the office and the voice acting is superb. Looks and plays really well. Fantastic... :)

Great Graphics, Great sounds, Great story, Great voice acting. Just... Great everything. Another powerhoof and sea dads winner. Top stuff... :)

This was really good and well made. Sounds were spot on and had a really good atmosphere. Reminded me a bit of little nightmares which i loved so this was always going to be a winner for me. Well done to all involved. Great stuff... :)

This was superb. Jumpscares worked and were all in the right places. Laughs worked and again were all set up fantastically. The animation on Tall Poppy were top notch wherever he popped up from and with the sounds to match it was a total jump and laugh fest. An indie comedy horror at it's best. Well worth a play... :) 

This was nice. Artwork was superb. Music was very fitting and set the mood well. Ran well with no problems. A really good game. Well done to all involved... :)

Nice game. Short but straight to the point with no messing about. Runs and plays well with great sounds to match. Great stuff... :)

Nice little game. Runs well and for the length it was packed with tension. A really good job on this... :)

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Hmmm. Ok. Two lines. (this was my train of thought). I'm in purgatory. Heaven & Hell. One line up. One line down. Two Lines. So started going up to see the road signs are now upside down to suggest even going up is actually going down. Found a murder scene in which I killed everyone and then myself to which the birdman hookhand thing comes in to send me back to the start so I can't leave Purgatory. Turns out all this was totally wrong but even getting it all wrong the game was still extremely fun to play knowing your being chased and even seeing the thing chasing you on the stairs below or across from you. You just have to keep moving and that was very cool. Overall I really liked this even if I didn't get the story. Well done Matt. Another winner... :)

Yes of course I'd love to play it again. Never really had the time last time which I apologize for. Gonna be busy again come the 2nd half of June but hopefully not to much so lets get into Nemeses. Just finished playing Two Lines and will tell you what I thought the story was in that games thread. It's not what you had it down as but i'll be honest as always and look an idiot. lol  ... :)