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Very cool concept and the music and sounds really brought this to life... :)

Oh my god. This was AWESOME. The story itself was told with so much emotion and whack onto that the most perfect music to go with it and then the atmosphere is your just there, living her story as you go through the stations. Beautifully done and a massive congrats to all involved... :) 


This was awesome. A loop/pt game that wasn't boring as hell. Loved the dialogue and the options. Great stuff and well worth a play... :)

This was great. So glad I put an offer on the house... :)

Very cool. CAKE ! ... :)

This was well made and although very short was very quick to get to the twist. Good stuff... :)

This built up very nicely. The odd noise now and again as you tried to sleep was spot on and I think everyone opens there eyes just to be sure. A very well done... :)

This was pretty cool. Had a good back story enough to be able to do anything in the dream and didn't go too far with it which was nice. Good ending too. Gratz... :)

Looks awesome with a great atmosphere. Good job... :)

This was great. The ending caught me well off guard with the pace and speed of it all... :)

This was very well done. Not knowing what the next area might bring. The small but significant notes and events all brought this together with a strong ending. Great stuff... :)


Cool game. Atmosphere with the sounds and change of views was really well done. Well done to all involved... :)

Had some really good build ups and wish it could have been longer but was cool to play. Well done.

Short but for 10 days was well made and had no problems running the game.

Good job... :)

Interesting game. Nice use of effects but they get a bit much at the end with the loud sounds. Cool tho. :)

This was great. Randomness of the man made every playthrough something you didn't know if you were going to make it or not. Voice acting for this would have truly made this game something everyone would play and take it to the next level. Really enjoyed the playthroughs tho and congratz on the game. Good stuff. :)

Great game. The slow build up with the changes was brilliant. Well done to all involved. :)

This was fantastic. Really enjoyed playing this.

Animations, Sound, Story and Atmosphere were all superb.

All this needed was a really good ending.

Well done to all the team that work on this. :)

Game ran well. Great animations and graphics, Superb voice acting and lovely story. Overall a fantastic little game. Well done to all involved. :) 


Nice little game. Ran well and had a good story to it. Gratz guys... :)

Graphics ? Story ? Voice acting ? Cute Christmas Animations ? 

One word... Superb.

Loved this. Well done to all involved. Again... Superb !

Poor Woolie...

Keep making these... :) 

Back to making vids so gotta catch up on the tradition... :)

A very tongue in cheek game which was extremely fun to play through. Only real gripe would be the controls which felt sluggish and inconsistent. Overall I enjoyed the playthrough so well done. :)

This was actually really fun to play.

Ending was a little... Meh, But overall the gameplay and atmosphere were great.

Game ran well with no problems. Keep up the great work. :)


Short game but as a first one together you all did very well.

Found two objects hard to pick up as pressing E just wouldn't do anything.

Apart from that it was very well put together and ran well. Gratz to all involved. :) 

24 Hours to make this ?

Extremely well made with no snakes at all !

Gratz on the work and well done.

This was really cool with such a deep meaning.

Looked and played extremely well with great audio.

Well made and well done.

Very cool game. Atmosphere was spot on and every sound added so much to it. Ran without any problems and overall a fantastic game to play. Superb... :)

Another great game. Just as strange and weird as you would expect with these games but all very playable and all very enjoyable. Great stuff... :)


This was pretty relaxing... Until more and more letters appeared. lol

Played well and really was nice with the voice acting.

Well done. Keep safe... :)

This was fun and annoying at the same time. A great idea but placing the objects was hard. Looked really nice and ran well. A great playthrough. Well done... :)

Here is the end of year tradition. Wouldn't be the end of the year without it. This one was a bit harder than other years but still great as always. Happy new year... :)

Glad this game finally got an ending. Plays well and the falling snow looked very impressive. With the added voices and story this was an enjoyable playthrough. Well done... :)

This was extremely well made. Cut scenes were fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing. The black and white also added to the overall feeling of the game. Also thought i'd made a really good thumbnail till I looked below, lol, but overall this is well worth a play and for a made in a week game this was amazing. Big congrats... :)

This was great. Story seemed a bit weird until you read the spoiler at the end and then it all made sense. Typical Dema graphics style and sounds which all work fantastic as usual. Another great game. Happy Christmas... :)


This was cool. Great visuals and sounds with some great voice acting. Very atmospheric. Well done to all involved... :)

This was pretty cool. Lots to see but lots you couldn't see. After the knife throwing you never knew who was going to show up. Great sounds and atmosphere and all ran very smoothly. Atmosphere makes a good horror game and this has it. A very well done on this. Great work... :)