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This was a great message for a really good game. Graphics were nice and for a jam it was very well put together. Sound was good and some really good scenes. Overall a really great job. Well done... :)

This was really nice. Bit short but for a jam it's really fun to play. Graphics look really nice and the gameplay is really smooth. Music fitted the game really well also. Overall a really cool little game and would love to see a whole house packed full of weird ways to get your jobs done. Great job... :)

This was pretty cool. Sound effects were spot on and the door changes messed with your head. Ran well and was fun to play. Great job... :)

This was pretty cool. The waiting in the cupboard waiting to see if he would find you or not was great. Was there a way to get cam 03 to work ?

For a 72 hour game this was pretty sweet. Loved the music and the artwork. As it says demo then hopefully this is still being worked on and there will be more ?

This was a really cool game but it was just so hard for me. It's one that's going to need a lot of hours to master. I seemed to learn something new with each play and the fact each and every playthrough is totally random really makes this a game you don't get bored of very easily. Music was great and it all ran very smoothly with no problems whatsoever. A really great game. Well done... :)

Short and simple with a great ending line. Runs very smoothly with some nice music. Another great little game. Well done... :)

Short, Sharp and to the point. Amazing how many people in this world think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, but in truth most of the time... they do.

Very brave to tell a personal story but very nice to make it into a small game for people to understand and hopefully learn from. Fantastic... :)

This was really nice and relaxing as well. Nice to not have to play a game that's all about running away from stuff or timed events. Gonna have to check out some more of your stuff but this was a really nice play. Well done... :)

This was really good for a 48 hour made game. Looked nice and with lots of questions and things to find and work out. Really great... :)

Pretty interesting game. I guess you can interpret the game how you want to so it might be different to different players. The moaning got very repetitive and a bit annoying but overall it was a pretty good effort... :)

This was super fun to play. I'd really like more of this. Music was really fast and fitted the game play really well. The game ran very smoothly without any problems with really nice graphics. A great game. GIMME MORE !!!  :)


Really nice little game with some great effects and music. Super job... :)

Niceeeee... :)

As a quick little showcase this was really well done. Music was great to punch along with and the models looked great. I hope you find others to make a really good game with. Well done... :)

Great remake. Still a great game and still made me jump a few times and with the extra part was a really good update from the first game. Superb... :)

Super little game. Looked great and played really well. Well done... :)

Couldn't pick up some of the boxes. Pressing E just seemed to do nothing on them.

This was very cool. Loved the live action and was all played out very well. Very short but overall a really good game. Well done to all... :)

The visuals on this were fantastic and really made the game what it is. Superb lighting and sound made the atmosphere and was great to just sit back and watch. Reminded me a little of the game "Fugue In Void" which was also all about visuals and movement. Overall this was short but well worth a play. Great job... :)

What a really cool idea for a game. Story was very intriguing and flowed very well. Lots of different options for the story line based on  your own choices. Graphics were very nicely done with music to match. A really great game. Well done to all involved... :)


A nice if what simple type of game. The story was good but the subs ran very quickly to read. Great sound brought the immersion into the game and a super ending. Well done... :)

This was pretty nice. Looked cool with some great gameplay and puzzles. Ran very smoothly with great sound without any problems. Really well done... :)

A really good start to the game. Suspense building and building but then ending. Had a really good feel to it and hope you keep working on this. So far, So good... :)

A really well made game. Graphics and the sounds were spot on and the ending was superb. The lighting really added to the atmosphere too. A really good job on this... :)

Another superb story and game. Runs great and really sucks you into the story. Loving these games from you. Fantastic... :)

Couldn't pick the key up off the stairs. Not sure if there is something else to do first ?

Nice game. Runs well and the animations are great and the whole game really puts a smile on your face. Very short but for 48 hours it's really well done. Great job... :)

This was really fun. Graphics and music were spot on and took me a few goes to get all the jobs right. Only downside was it was too short and I wanted to play more. Really cool little game tho and top notch for only 72 hours. Great stuff. Well done... :)

Super game with super mechanics. Played really well although not sure what the ending was as in was it not finished or did I just not understand it ? Was a very fun game to play and really well made. Top job. Well done... :)

Very basic, Very interesting, Very cool. Such a great idea but soooooo needed to be longer. Overall tho a really nice game to play that ran very smoothly and well with just the right amount of sound effects and music. Well done guys... :)

Super little game. Ran very well and lots of options. I was a bit rubbish at it but it was my first try. Hope you get the game how you want it to be. Good job... :)

Super game. The lighting to the distortion to the sound all made this a really involving game. A really top notch game telling the story of a very real condition. Awesome job... :)

Super little game. Nice graphics and really good sounds and music all mixed in with a great story. Great stuff. Well done... :)

This was a cool little game. No one interested and no one helping. Some lovely animations and sounds. Cut scenes were great too. Good job... :)

Nice game. Some really cool graphics and mild jump scares. Intro was fantastic and sound was well done. Nice job... :)

Cool looking game. Nice graphics and sound. Super story. Nice one... :)

A very nice game with super graphics and great sound. The voice acting is superb and tells a really good story. Another fantastic game John. Keep em coming... :)

This was pretty cool. The voice acting was superb even if the subtitles didn't quite fit the screen. The story was like PT but with an actual story to it. The graphics were nice and cut scenes were all done very nicely. A super game. Well done... :)

This is quite an interesting game. Has a few different situations to play through but with a few tweaks here and there and more content could really be a house of horrors type of game. Overall tho a well made and fun game... :)