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This was superb. Jumpscares worked and were all in the right places. Laughs worked and again were all set up fantastically. The animation on Tall Poppy were top notch wherever he popped up from and with the sounds to match it was a total jump and laugh fest. An indie comedy horror at it's best. Well worth a play... :) 

This was nice. Artwork was superb. Music was very fitting and set the mood well. Ran well with no problems. A really good game. Well done to all involved... :)

Nice game. Short but straight to the point with no messing about. Runs and plays well with great sounds to match. Great stuff... :)

Nice little game. Runs well and for the length it was packed with tension. A really good job on this... :)

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Hmmm. Ok. Two lines. (this was my train of thought). I'm in purgatory. Heaven & Hell. One line up. One line down. Two Lines. So started going up to see the road signs are now upside down to suggest even going up is actually going down. Found a murder scene in which I killed everyone and then myself to which the birdman hookhand thing comes in to send me back to the start so I can't leave Purgatory. Turns out all this was totally wrong but even getting it all wrong the game was still extremely fun to play knowing your being chased and even seeing the thing chasing you on the stairs below or across from you. You just have to keep moving and that was very cool. Overall I really liked this even if I didn't get the story. Well done Matt. Another winner... :)

Yes of course I'd love to play it again. Never really had the time last time which I apologize for. Gonna be busy again come the 2nd half of June but hopefully not to much so lets get into Nemeses. Just finished playing Two Lines and will tell you what I thought the story was in that games thread. It's not what you had it down as but i'll be honest as always and look an idiot. lol  ... :)

This was a nice and fun little game. Looked good and played very well. Sound was excellent. Nice one... :)

Awesome game. The pinky people are just so much fun. Sound is great and it plays superbly. Want more ! NOW !!!! :)

Wow. This was simple looking until the flash and then all hell breaks loose. Even a story to it when you get to the end. Trying to catch up on games atm and you seem to made a ton in the past few months. This one is great... :)

Very nice concept of a game with a dark underbelly and a LMAO ending. Has it all... :)

Was interesting... :)

This was interesting. Had a good story to it and looked really nice. Controlling the arm felt weird but it did work. Sound was good. Overall a cool little project. Nice one... :)

This was a really good game to play. Easy to just pick up and solve but done with a smile. As with Child at Home, another great game. Well done... :)

This game looks really nice. Wish there had been a bigger build up to the ending with a few more things to do before the end as it was really short to play but it played well and voice acting always helps a game. Overall a short but fun little game to play. Well done... :)

Great finish to this game series Mr. Sandwich. Was getting samey till the end and POW !!! Great stuff... :) 

This was a superb little game which had a fantastic atmosphere and story to match. It looked good and ran very well. Well worth a play. Good job... :)

First off the lag is not as bad as you think it is. It's only a few times so it's not a game breaker but I do have an old processor. As for the grain effect it is a total personal preference. I like games to look like a 2019 game. The old retro or vhs look is what a lot of games go for nowadays and I just prefer a clean look is all. Hope that helps or clears things up a bit... :)

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Not a fan of "Grainy looking" games and this was a bit laggy at times but overall the atmosphere and well placed jump scares more than made up for it as the tension ramped up. Good job... :)

Nice game. The monster needed to be harder to avoid but was a fun play and ran well with great sounds and music... :)

Nice game with a cool story. Some spelling isn't the greatest but it does not spoil the story or anything. Nice music moves the game along with changes depending on the story. Overall a nice little story game... :)

Really great little game with a fantastic concept and played out really well. Graphics were all nice with some super sound effects. When the lights go out you never know whats going to happen. Great game... :)

Very weird and trippy game. Looks great but is painfully short and wanted the show to go on longer. Next time need to eat more pancakes. Ran well with good music and sounds. Overall a very short but fun playthrough. Well done Mr. Sandwich... :)

 Very dark for a pixalated game but had a good atmosphere and a good flow to it. Also made in 15 days makes this an even better achievement. Cool game... :)

This was very powerful. Seeing things move and not remember. Forgetting conversations. The blur near the end. All put together extremely well. The game itself looked and ran very nicely. Overall a very meaningful experience captured superbly. Well done to all involved. Fantastic story telling... :)


Really fun game. Played very smoothly and looked great. Music was fitting and had a cool ending. Overall a really polished game. Well done... :)

Sorry to have to say this but I only have a PC. Never had a Mac so possibly needs another look. 

This was very short but looked nice and had voice acting which always improves a game. Subtitles didn't fit the resolution which was a shame but overall a very nice little game with a choice to make at the end. Well done to all... :)

Wow. This not only looked fantastic but played fantastic too. Superb animations and lighting plus the sounds were just enough and not overly used to really get that immersion into it. If there is more coming this could be a really big indie hit and the cash that goes with it. I wish you well with this. Superb... :)


Found this by accident buy holy crap i'm so glad I did ! 

Superb atmosphere, music, artwork and the way you move the globe but the narrator with the 'Rik Mayall' type tone was just amazing. The way a story should be told. Makes you smile the whole way through. Fantastic. Loved it. Well done to all involved... :)

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This wasn't the easiest game going and in the end had to give up even if the portal to finish the level was sooooo close. Was really fun to play tho and a great idea. Hope it does well Ty. Great game... :)

Edit - Damn ! After watching my own video and the "momentum line", I think I got it now. lol

A very... weird type of game. Looks good as low poly games sometimes do and always had me waiting for the jumpscare behind every stairway turn or open door. I think more can still be added if you wanted to continue with the project but if not then was a fun play as is... :)

This was a pretty decent game. Lots of different endings and no idea if there was a 'true' ending. Graphics looked nice with music to match. Overall a nice game to play. With this being your first game made in Unity aswell this was a really good effort. Well done... :)

Nice looking but really atmospheric game. Great job... :)

For a game 'TOTALLY' made by yourselves, this was extremely good. Had atmosphere and well placed sounds to move the game along. Ending was a bit... meh but overall this looked and played very nicely. A really well made game. Well done to all... :)

This was pretty funny. Cool looking house with some great detail. Ran very well and had superb animations. Fun game... :)

HaHa. Superb. Nice little point and click and with the added voices makes it all the better. A really funny game with my type of humour. Great work... :)

Nice little game. Looks very cool and plays well. A really good idea and overall a polished little title. Well done... :)

A really beautiful game. Lovely story with  superb artwork and music. Lots of different scenarios all with different music choices. A great playthrough and a well done to all involved... :) 

I love a good walking sim and this was one of those. Lots of moving here there and everywhere with superb graphics and animations. The voicing was a little hard to understand sometimes but overall really added to the gameplay. Wasn't expecting some platforming along the way but it broke up the story nicely. Really enjoyed this one so a very very well done. Awesome... :)