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Super little game. Great animation and sound. Very short but lovely to play. Well done... :)

So much to see. All very colourful. So much detail in everything. All very well made. Lovely music. This is a great play. Congrats on this. Well done to all involved... :)

Soooo glad i found this. Lovely game. Lovely idea. Lovely Graphics and Lovely music. A superb chill out game. Very well done... :)

Fantastic demo. Hope the rest is just as good and already the story is interesting. Not sure the camera to suitcase bit fitted in to what was a normal life game as it seemed to me but maybe there was a reason for it. Will deffo play the rest when released. So far... So good... :)

Created a new topic Kevx Playthrough...

A small but nicely worked game. Very nice for a game jam. Well done... :)

Created a new topic Kevx Part One Playthrough...

Super start so far. Funny and fun to play. Runs very smoothly and keeps you playing. This is great. A very well done to all the people who worked on this. A very good job... :)

A lovely little game that gets across what OCD is. Sound effects were a little sparse and even footsteps would have helped but overall it was a nice experience. Good job... :)


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Pretty cool game. Very short but for the time you had to make it it's very impressive. Well done guys on 1st prize and hope to see more... :)

Another superb Pinhead games release. The ending was amazing. Great job... :)

Superb little story game, Great voice acting and music helps the story along with a great ending. This was great. Good job... :)

Cool game and nicely made. A good job on this and fun to play... :)

This was great. Humour and gameplay all mixed into one. Rated this highly and hope it does well. Well done guys. Top work... :)

Awesome. Love a good escape the room/layers of fear type game. Hopefully whoever finds my key has fun guessing the code. Good job on this... :)

Nice little walking game. Looks lovely, no problems and runs smoothly. Good job... :)

Having never seen the film I couldn't say if it matched the film or not but it's a nice if what short little game that was well made with some nice idea's. Good job... :)

Lovely game or story book really. Music was fantastic... :)

The Update... People now in nice clothes and the book for the code was nicely put in. The sounds from the phone call hacks didn't match anymore but more things to click and finally an ending. Didn't lag at all and overall a great update. Well done again. This is fun to play... :)

Stop re-posting the same video !!!

I really liked this. Looked great and the puzzles weren't to hard. A nice little game so well done. Great job and Happy Birthday Maggie... :)


That's also true but I did find some good christmas games on there that were not anywhere else. lol

Great game. Give it a go and have some fun. Loved it... :)

Fullgames.sk has a games site too. :)

In the update the headphones don't work anymore. Just picks them up but can't use them. :)

First bits of this I thought.. Meh.. But the last bit in the water was fantastic. This all ran great and the music matched perfectly. Great job... :)

This was cool. Not as easy as you would think either so well done on this. Runs great and plays very well. Good job... :)

Another weird and wonderful game from you lot... :)

Another cracking game.  "This game is absolute trash, if trash was super good looking and made of fun" !!!

Good jobs peeps. Keep them coming... :)

Cool game. Give it a go. Good job... :)

Fantastic little game. Loved it. Well made, Smooth gameplay. Great music, sounds and graphics. Good job guys... :)

Thanks for the message. I really enjoyed this. Creepy as hell at times. A really good job on this game. Well done... :)

Thank you. Game finished and all published. Think I'm going to have to check out your other games. Hope there this good... :)

I didn't "Steal" anything from anyone. I found it on Google images and liked it. I have changed it tho if this was made by someone else.

I am now a little stuck tho. Got everything except the murder weapon and can't seem to do anything anymore. A little hint maybe ? <nudge nudge wink wink> :)

Wow. Just wow. I can't believe this is a free game !!! An awesome and absolutely hilarious game which runs superbly and has amazing voice acting. Big BIG congrats on this. A 5/5 any day of the week and it's FREE. So I don't spoil the game here is Part One of my playthrough on this. Again, Super job and well done... :) 

Super game. Give it a go. A very weird type of game... :)

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This is well worth a play so get it downloaded and give it a try. Great game... :)

Great little story with a nice ending. Good job... :)

Created a new topic Full Video...

Super relaxing and fun game. Nice story and very well made...

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Rubbish. This beats most of the crap that comes out on gamejolt and Itch.io. As with most games on here it has some issues but nothing that 'spoilt' the atmosphere of the game. I enjoyed playing it and it had nothing to do with hurting anyone's feelings.

Fantastic ! May have to invest in this one but maybe when it gets a little cheaper... :)