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Nice little game. Looks very cool and plays well. A really good idea and overall a polished little title. Well done... :)

A really beautiful game. Lovely story with  superb artwork and music. Lots of different scenarios all with different music choices. A great playthrough and a well done to all involved... :) 

I love a good walking sim and this was one of those. Lots of moving here there and everywhere with superb graphics and animations. The voicing was a little hard to understand sometimes but overall really added to the gameplay. Wasn't expecting some platforming along the way but it broke up the story nicely. Really enjoyed this one so a very very well done. Awesome... :)

Very weird story but also very well done. Lots of things in there to think about and maybe makes you look at your own life a little. Nice artwork and music... :)

This was pretty good. Really nice artwork and animations and you really get to know the personalities of the two participants involved. Played this a few times to see what endings I could get and each one was different. Really cool... :)

I remember playing the first version of this. Plays so much nicer with voices and the models are fantastic. A great improvement. Well done... :)

This was really good. Told a great story and set the mood really well. Graphics and sounds were very fitting also. I really liked this. A very well done... :)

Definitely now the end of year traditional game to play. Love the graphics, story and sound. Gameplay is smooth and runs without any problems. Superb... :)

Very short and needed more of a distraction to make you take your eye off the ball but a really good idea and was a fun play...

ok ok. I'll work it out. :op

Found the door. :)  Now the planets thing. You put them in order from left to right ? Over each other ?  Or is it not about order ? This game is getting hard work. lol

This was quite good till I got to the gingerbread room. Killed one on a candy cane and I think I was supposed to lure the other one over the jumps back in the room I came from but he kept getting stuck on the first gingerbread guy stuck on the candy cane. If I'm wrong let me know.

Very cool little Christmas game with the music really adding to the gameplay. Easy to play and relaxing to do. Well done... :)

Super little Christmas game but holy crap the mouse sensitivity needs turning down a bit. Nice music and animations too. Well done... :)


Another great game. Ran very well with some lovely effects. Superb... :)

This was pretty cool. Played really well and you just had to get to the end and open that present to see what was inside. Really nice game... :)

Nice game. Lovely graphics and sounds and the ending was really good. Played well with no problems. Well done to all... :)

This was ok. The invisible walls were annoying but you just had to keep playing to finish the game... :)

Superb looking game. The effects and sound were fantastic. Great job... :)

Super cute little xmas game. Played very well with great lighting and sounds. Nice to see some christmas games being made and this one was fun. Good job... :)

Superb game and a great idea. Smiled all the way through this one. Ran well and loved the graphics and the physics of it. Sound was cool and overall a great game to play. Really well done on this one. Loved it... :)

Short but sweet little game. Graphics looked nice with some cool sound effects and a good ending. Hope this does well. Well done... :)

HaHa. Very cool little game with superb cartoony drawings and music. Game runs with no problems and was fun to play. Gratz guys... :)

How can anyone NOT want to play a Mr Anchry game... :)

Wow !!! What a superb story. All the emotions all tied into one great playthrough. The graphics looked nice with music to match and no problems with the game at all. A really well done to all involved on this one... :)

A nice but very short game. Well made for six days and has a great little twist to it. Music fits the game well and had no problems with it. Great job... :)

This was a great message for a really good game. Graphics were nice and for a jam it was very well put together. Sound was good and some really good scenes. Overall a really great job. Well done... :)

This was really nice. Bit short but for a jam it's really fun to play. Graphics look really nice and the gameplay is really smooth. Music fitted the game really well also. Overall a really cool little game and would love to see a whole house packed full of weird ways to get your jobs done. Great job... :)

This was pretty cool. Sound effects were spot on and the door changes messed with your head. Ran well and was fun to play. Great job... :)

This was pretty cool. The waiting in the cupboard waiting to see if he would find you or not was great. Was there a way to get cam 03 to work ?

For a 72 hour game this was pretty sweet. Loved the music and the artwork. As it says demo then hopefully this is still being worked on and there will be more ?

This was a really cool game but it was just so hard for me. It's one that's going to need a lot of hours to master. I seemed to learn something new with each play and the fact each and every playthrough is totally random really makes this a game you don't get bored of very easily. Music was great and it all ran very smoothly with no problems whatsoever. A really great game. Well done... :)

Short and simple with a great ending line. Runs very smoothly with some nice music. Another great little game. Well done... :)

Short, Sharp and to the point. Amazing how many people in this world think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, but in truth most of the time... they do.

Very brave to tell a personal story but very nice to make it into a small game for people to understand and hopefully learn from. Fantastic... :)

This was really nice and relaxing as well. Nice to not have to play a game that's all about running away from stuff or timed events. Gonna have to check out some more of your stuff but this was a really nice play. Well done... :)

This was really good for a 48 hour made game. Looked nice and with lots of questions and things to find and work out. Really great... :)

Pretty interesting game. I guess you can interpret the game how you want to so it might be different to different players. The moaning got very repetitive and a bit annoying but overall it was a pretty good effort... :)

This was super fun to play. I'd really like more of this. Music was really fast and fitted the game play really well. The game ran very smoothly without any problems with really nice graphics. A great game. GIMME MORE !!!  :)


Really nice little game with some great effects and music. Super job... :)