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Cool little game. Just when you think the game is on repeat... Plot twist !!!

Ran well with no problems. For 48 hours a fantastic job. Well done... :)

This was great. Superb voice acting (and singing) and a story that a lot people go through. Graphics were great and it runs very smoothly. Great job Kate... :)

I have no idea what I'm really doing in the freddy part. No matter what I do I just run out of charge and die. Is it timed or are you doing something else ?

Fantastic. Brilliant. Amazing. Superb. Just play it... :)

Fantastic game. Never knowing what a simple turn around a corner or even a look to the side might bring. The sound and atmosphere make this game really something special. Top work... :)

I liked this. No creeping about. Just hell for leather get the hell outta there !!! With Tunky & Bunky your really getting your games better all the time. Music was great in this too. Really gets your heart pumping. Good stuff... :)

This was nice but as an idea, as you left for work the alarm would go off again and up you get once again but sort of like a good morning PT, things start to change. Would have been awesome. Cool little sim tho. Smooth and nice sound effects. Good job... :)

Cool little game with an interesting story. Nicely done and runs smoothly with no problems. Good job... :)

Posted in Blur comments

Wow. Super short but also very sad. Great job on getting that message out there and putting this together extremely well... :)

And I've just made my first ever cake. Niceeeeee... :)

Super game of which I've not seen before. Hopefully you are still working on this but if not then it's still a great play as it is. Well done... :)

Created a new topic Not Working

No data file with it... :(

Posted in Doors comments

Nice little game. Ran very smoothly and played great. Not overly hard puzzles so it didn't get annoying. Good work... :)

HaHa. This was fun while also extremely annoying. You want to get that beer served justttttt right but... :)

This was a nice find. Not sure if I went the right way or missed anything but I got to the end. The sound was superb and the small character showed just how big the mountain was. A very cool game. Well done... :)

Very nice. The robot type voice is very well done and fits well. Animations are smooth and move superbly. Great job... :)

Spelt Creepy wrong on the thumbnail... :)

Superb game touching some super hard subjects. Plays very well and runs smoothly. An excellent play. Well done... :)

Created a new topic Kevx Playthrough...

Nice game. Cool music. Fun play. Well done... :)

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Cool game. Love the voicing. Would have been superb if all the characters had voices too but that's just nit picking. Overall tho a fantastic game that was very well made. Very well done... :)

Very cool. Great music and story. Nice animations. Well done... :)

Very short but a fun play with a funny ending. Good job... :)

Posted in Attic comments

Nice. Very short but built up great tension. Well done... :)

Created a new topic Kevx Playthrough...

A really well made and put together game. A great story and some superb voice acting. Fantastic work... :)

Same here. Just a room with a branch type thing and a window but you can walk through the walls and fall off and doesn't seem like anything else to do. I was liking it so far too.

48 hour game and it's good. Used an x-box controller and no problems. Hard to keep them all happy but had a go. Even the dog liked the cooking programme. Looks nice and played smoothly. Great sound and fun to play. Well done... :)

If you like hot dogs well this is the game for you. Hot dogs, Talking hot dogs serving hot dogs, golden hot dogs, massive hot dogs and your naked, so even your own hot dog !!!

Plays well and great sound. A fun play. Well done... :)

Drink, Drink, DRINK !!!

Nice game. Runs well and nice story. Goodbye... :)

Nice game. The easy puzzles help the game progress at a good speed which helps the story along nicely and not drag it out. Well done... :)

Created a new topic A very polished game...

A great game. Plays very nicely and voice acted extremely well. Love the art style and the changes with interaction. A really polished game. A very well done... :)

A great game. Plays very nicely and voice acted extremely well. Love the art style and the changes with interaction. A really polished game. A very well done... :)

Super little game with a great story line.  Very thought provoking game with a lovely process of working through things. A very well done... :)

This was nice. Ran very nicely and a great story. Even some Blackadder jokes in the trenches maybe ?  Very well done... :)

Created a new topic This Is Fantastic...

This has mood but is also soooo moving. The graphics and settings, the music and the brilliant voice acting make this game so good. Has got my vote. 5/5. An awesome job. A very very well done... :)

Super game getting across a lot of topics. Runs well. Looks cute and the sound fits very well. Super job. Well done... :)

Don't use twitter. Sorry. Thanks for sharing tho. :)

Created a new topic Awesome Title.

This was fantastic. I hope more people play this. Great story and voice acting... :)

Great game. Build up was fantastic and all played out very well. Runs very smoothly and fun to play. Superb job. Well done... :)

This was fantastic. Wish there was more. Superbly done. 5/5... :)

Fantastic game idea and works superbly well. Very well animated and was fun to play. Well done... :)