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We all have weird fetishes man, it's alright

Try the web version, maybe that works for you

I love this concept, and the excecution is top notch! Absolutely stellar work! :)

Reminds of QWOP, really dfficult but also really fun and hilarious. I like it a lot :D

It's a really cool concept, and for some reason, the simple shapes make it really funny to me, but I feel like at the moment it's a bit too easy when it clicks. But still, good job! :)

I think we can both agree that the music wasn't that good, but it was an interesting idea! Well done! :D

For a first game, it was definitely fun to play! The joined mechanic was a bit easy since both screens would have basically the same platforms but I have to say, good job! :D

I quite liked this game! It's a very cool idea for a puzzle game and the invisibility mechanic added a whole nother dimension to it. Very well done :D

I did like it, but the physics were a bit janky, espacially when I tried to stack the boxes. Otherwise, I like it, very cute! :D

I did set the mass of the player really high so that the ball wouldn't effect him to much, but I should've probably made the ball a little lighter, yeah. Anyway, thanks! :D

Interesting idea and I quite like it, though some hitboxes are a bit weird. I think the clouds' hitboxes aren't perfect squares so you get stuck inbetween them a lot. Other than that, nice!

Really creative idea, and allowed for some interesting puzzles! This one was top notch :D

I really like this game! It's a bit jank at times, but I definitely had a good time with it!

This is just absolutely ridiculous, I love it! An objective could have helped, but, as you said, "48 hour game jams am i right?" Otherwise, absolutely great!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Thanks for playing, I appreciate it :D And also, good job on the Highscore! I think mine's 1530 or something like that

Thanks for trying out my game, I appreciate it! :)

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Thank you! :D

Thanks for the feedback :) I agree, I should've probably toned down the enemy spawning rate a little. I didn't really keep color choice in mind, but I'll do that next time, thanks again!

Thanks :D Also, you're right, it does look suspiciously similar lol

Thanks for the feedback :D I definitely tried to make the controls as best I could, but I think it could've been a little better!

Thanks man, I really appreciate it :)

I appreciate it, thanks! :D

Thanks for the feedback :D I really like yours too, it feels quite different!

Don't be so hard on yourself, it's actually pretty fun! I especially like the idea that you can collect the yellow things with the ball, but can't touch them yourself! Overalll, I liked it :D

Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback :D

Thanks for the feedback :) I'm pretty sure you mean the D key since you play the game with WASD, I think that's a you problem. Or maybe Unity is being weird idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I like the idea, it's feels nice to play, looks good, overall, great job!

This is a very good game, very nice puzzles! Also I like the little flavor-text between levels and deaths. Great Job!

I really like the idea of this, though I can't get the hang of the controls for the life of me! Overall, good job on the game!

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Of course they do. Any installer requires you to give them permission to add files to the hard drive.

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And also to control it with a FUCKING BANANA


Ich würde gerne sehen, dass man Sev abschiessen kann und dass er dann ne weile lang ausm gefecht ist wie bei granny oder evil nun, das wäre übelst witzig XD

Hey, Glückwunsch, dass du es in ein Sev geschafft hast! Das Spiel ist mega witzig!

It's a shame you can't impliment that feature, but its still really relaxing, so i can't really complain :D

So, I got this game in a bundle, but I don't want to talk about the PC version, but about the app. Can you please update the app to also play the audio in the background? Sorry if you get this question a lot. Thanks!

Oh OK, I was just confused by the name.