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Checkout my new video I just uploaded, pretty fun, challenging, arcade, time killer game. Please leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you don't mind! Great game :)

Loved the game so far, I know it's pretty old for me to record, but it's a lot of fun and I could care less about my extremely late-timing, hope you enjoy!

Check out my video, I had loads of fun playing this, highly recommend anyone plays this for fun, great game, good job!

You're welcome, thank you for making it free to the public! Pretty neat game, I just am not that smart to problem solve, I suppose, haha. I'll probably try figuring it out sometime, soon enough.

A video on myself attempting to figure out how to play haha, good game, but I just couldn't figure out what to do after knocking the guard out. You should add some sweet little background music.

Thank you!

Check out my video for some gameplay on the video.

Hey guys. Great game! more levels would be a suggestion and smooth out the controls a little bit? Overall 7/10! Good game! I made a Lets Play video watch it here:

I recorded a video on it! check it out here!

Very unique, time consuming, addicting, and frustrating!

Thank you so much!

Hey Guys I recorded and uploaded ravenfield beta 5 yesterday please check it out, and support would be great. Link for the video:

Nvm it works now, thank you for going out of your way and answering.

Also heres my recommendations: 1. Co-op mode 2. Online Multi-Player 3. Crosshair (When aiming and without aiming) 4. A couple more maps 5. Make turrets stationed at each flagged base. There thats all. Great game!

Nvm about my other comment, I had to download it from Gamejolt lol, It's a really fun game! I really recommend it! Rating it 5 stars! check out my channel!:

I would love to record ravenfield beta 5 for mac because I am a youtuber, but when i download it, it says failed - forbidden download, which means your not letting us access the download, please let me!

- Kevinmax7 // KM7