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Yeah, I didn't do this at first because I wanted it to be a bit chaotic and disorienting, but after playing it a bit I realized not having that might be a bit TOO chaotic and disorienting. I think I'll make it so if you hold down right click, it looks the opposite of the way you're aiming.

I really like the idea, and kudos for implementing several ideas instead of just the one. But I felt like the ball moved a bit too fast for everything but the Breakout paddle and wings.

It would be neat if you switched power-ups in the middle of the run. Like have some spots on the board that give you a big bonus at the cost of randomly changing you to another power-up. That way you gotta stay on your toes the whole game and can't get comfortable with just the one thing.

I'd totally be interested in seeing this fleshed out into a full game.

Nice concept, and the solid controls really sell it. The difficulty curve is maybe a bit steep, but not insurmountable, as I was able to beat all 4 levels. A minor annoyance is that I had to switch to the mouse to restart every time I died. I wish I could've just pressed R or Enter or Any Key to do so. But again, that's just a minor annoyance.

I appreciate criticism, but implying with the "unless this is one of your first games" bit that I'm incompetent and/or inexperienced because a prototype I made in under 24 hours uses placeholder graphics and isn't totally polished is kinda unnecessarily mean.

This is infuriating. Excellent job.

Nice twist. Now I feel bad. 10/10

Extremely annoying to play. 10/10

It's a light gun game without the light gun.

Simple idea, but the sounds make it really satisfying.

Nice art and concept, but I can't figure out how to avoid the helicopters. They seem to kamikaze me the instant they come on screen.

Ooh, I really like this one. If I had one suggestion, it would be some sort of sound effect or visual indicator so you know when an enemy off screen sees you and when it's about to shoot. Still, well done.

Cute artwork, and a pretty satisfying grappling hook. I think the camera could use some work though. Sometimes it wouldn't keep up with the bear so I couldn't grapple ahead.

Neat idea, but a bit hard to control. Might be more fun if the magnet worked in all directions instead of having to manually aim it. Maybe the bullets could also have a tad bit of homing when you send them back. Still, I like the idea.

Fun idea, but the cars come a bit too fast to react. Might've been better to go horizontally instead of vertically so you could see further in front of you.

Nice art and music, and simple but satisfying gameplay. A bit easy when you realize the most effective strategy is to just rapidfire click the choke points when they get all bunched up, though. Maybe that could've been solved by having multiple paths they could take so you'd have to manage multiple threats from different directions, and increasing their speed and/or health as the game progresses instead of just their numbers. Good job.

Cute. Like a combination of Metal Gear Solid and Snake. Snake? SNAAAAAKE!

I like the idea. I just wish you moved a bit faster. And you might have done this, I wasn't really paying attention to how the score was working, but it might be neat if you got a bonus for killing more enemies with a single bomb.