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a very strong base to build on. everything is very smooth and the laser mining is pretty fun. 

very cheerful and educational game! I really like how the main menu incorporated the game mechanic. 

really amazing, everything was beautiful.

really good concept and interpretation of the title! I was not good at finding the real monkeys, everything started swimming together in my head and I was second guessing myself.

smooooth video game

I had to hold the button down for one of the menus to stay on screen, I think the first pause menu.

really fun to slide around. There is definitely that feeling of momentum and flow I like in games.

menu is a little bit buggy, but the gameplay was solid! I liked the little animations, kinda reminds me of the art in Dropsy.

well done, you are the real slyboots.

This was really good! The artwork was very well done.

really fun. The feeling of momentum going fast down the slopes was very good.

damn good

brilliant! Very nice little video game about robots.

Very nice art. Could use a bit more tuning, sometimes guys get stuck in each others paths, and its kinda tough to beat. I liked the little story and I always like time slowing mechanics. 

This was so fun! I love hoisting. The little guys are really nicely animated too.

You are pretty good at this making games thing. Really fun. I'm really bad at it.

Very nice look, both the art and the UI design. The game is also pretty fun. Its satisfying to squish all those jellies.

I liked the visuals and the cannon shooting is well done. I could see this being a really good full game with some additional gameplay mechanics.

Very good art as always. The puzzles were simple but satisfying.

Very interesting world you made. my favorite was the teeth pulling game.

This game is frantic. Also, I need to get Far Cry 2 for some reason.

I like the pixel art and animation. Good job guys.

Nice. Love the references. Great film.

I really liked this game. The pixel shader was cool and the guitar was a nice touch. My only complaint is that is kinda hard to see the cursor sometimes. Really well done!

very nice walk animation. nice plot twist. There's this one bug where you keep walking sometimes when talking to ghosts. This could become some kinda wierd ghost JRPG game.

Beautiful visuals and music. Also would like to see more.

The ending made me cry, so good.

This is amazing, the art is really nice, animation is hilarious. The movement and attacks could use some tuning, but very good concept.

Very well done. Great atmosphere

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Need a team? Find teammates here! 

Put any relevant info in a post: What skills you have or are looking for, how to contact you, time zones, etc. 

You can also use the Shenanijam Discord channel but posting here will be more permanent.


This is really good.