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Missed this. Are their plans for printing any more?

Hi thanks. I'm still toying with the idea of creating a fast version. Check out the YouTube video on my channel to see the end of game.

Also the track is by Riddiman

Thanks for the feedback. This is a big of an art game. To increase interactivity would change the nature of the experience. Although another mode isn't a bad idea 😁

😁 Thanks for your kind words. It will come eventually in fact if you return again and again you might just catch it. Don't worry tho if you miss it they'll be another one along. Don't know when though. Unfortunately, the video has disappeared. Would love to see it so we can add it to a playlist on our channel.

Actually you are completely right.

Just wondering. Helps focus the idea :)

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Just published Rabit, a belated response to Paint Jam 2018 and James Earl Cox III's #SourGames Manifesto .

Free to play in browser so please head over and take a look.

All art by me in Microsoft Paint. All noises by me in my mouth. 

I've added the arrows as well WASD. Works a treat thank you!

That's absolutely amazing advice. Hey why not both ;) I'll apply that fix later this evening. Thanks for you help.

Changed to WASD :-)

Thanks. I was very particular about the palette. Thought as it was minimal colors were important. I did have arrow keys to move but they made the page scroll up and down so I changed to WASD.

Thanks for your feedback :) Didn't realise. I'll look at that straight away. Wanted to add in wave sounds but wasn't sure it was working. Will be something I revisit. Thanks again.

Oh no that's all. Minimal sound as well as minimal graphics.

That's great to know. Did you get the sound fx OK? Thanks for your kind words :)

Small minigame made in JavaScript for Minimalistic Jam 2. Collect the shells while avoiding the waves.

Thank you :)

Reading the rules I thought the resolution would be one pixel no matter what size that pixel is. Am I right as looking through submissions there are cool games all shapes and sizes?

Hey i found Not sure if the app.exe will work if you change the name and/or extension but will try later.