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Looks very cool. Hope to see more Action Sequences in the Future from you :)

Well, that 's good to hear :)

Good Job! Hope to see more Sc-Fi/Cyberpunk Tiles :)

Very Cheap and beautifull Icons here. Hope you will make more Sc-Fi Icons in the Future. Like Grenades, Futuristic Swords, Augmentations etc... :) Good Work!

Thanks :) Btw: as Bonus you can write the Sequence Code, from the YT Video? Or maybe increase the pricing. Would be perfect :)

Well. Is it possibel to make this for MZ?

I send the Plugins via Discord.


No, I dont use this Plugins. 


I receive the Error !"TypeError"

Cannot read property "match" of undefined. 

That sounds good :) Btw... do you have Patreon?


thanks for the Answer. I use youre Modern Basic + Tiles in 48x48 px an need a some Police Stuff for a Police Department. Do you plan other Modern + Assest packs?


i like your assets so much :) I have a quick Question: It is possible to recreate you're free VX Ace Tiles to RPG MV? Maybe I can pay you for this.

Thanks for your Answer :) Year it would be nice, when you also make some RPG Maker MV Assets :) Ya you can use a Plugin or TileD for other Tile Sizes in MV. Maybe I purchase a Pack from you :)

Hey, is it possible to get also a RPG Maker MV Version?


actually the Game is a Alpha Version. I will still work on it. Can you tell me where the Game Breaker is? I will fix it :)

Thanks for your Feedback! :)


thanks for the Feedback. The next Update wil fix al lot the issues. :)

Ya. Looks Awesome <3 I could really use it in a project. 

Wow! I like your works :) Thanks for this great Plugin :)


its okey when you released the packages here on 

I'll definitely buy them then. :)

Looks very good. Do you make more Icons? Like modern Medecine (Bandages, First Aid Kits, Painkillers ect...) and some modern Skills Icons would be nice :) 

I also wish some more Naruto Tilesets :) 

Its possible to make the Tilesets in 48x48 px?