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Thank you! I tried with all my limited knowledge to get the music sounding from the right side but alas...

Hope I learn enough to put more stuff in the next one :)

Yes, this was my first game done in Unity, it's time to learn about optimization and a lot more stuff! Thanks for playing.

I'm sorry, it was kinda the concept! If we had the time or knowledge there'd be a setting to adjust about it, but it's a tiny game made by students.

It is fair! I will try to get better at sound management in general.

It was just another bathroom with a possible spook :P You could go in if you try after the first tape, but nothing important.

Thank you for the high praise!!! Hoping to do something longer and more involved with the next one.

I'm sorry the default didn't work for you, it was my first game. I'll strive to have an options menu in the next one.

Thank you!! Still a lot to learn :)

I'm very sorry this happened, it's hard to test since I don't have access to a Mac computer.

You can try this fix I found (replacing the parts that refer to the example Call of Duty with the appropriates for this game)

I don't know if specifically TV night related, but there will be more games in the future. Thank you!

As originaltryshock mentioned, the game can be played with a controller technically but the model of it could make the camera not work properly, if you unplug other controllers and it still happens let me know, sorry for the inconveniences

Thanks!!! Glad you liked the posters :P

Thank you!!

Thanks a lot! Very entertaining.

I'll keep an eye for when it's finished, don't give up, but no need to hurry :)

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it

Thank you!!

Aw thank you so much!! I'm glad it got to you >:) nice video


Thank you!! Real chill playthrough

Glad you liked it!

Thank you!!

Thank you!!!! :)

Thanks a lot!!

Hey can I ask which one was the song that gave the copyright warning? Was it the one on the stereo?

You are just a kid in the 90s who wants to watch some cartoons in the middle of the night, it shouldn't be hard and nothing could possibly go wrong!!

Very short (5-10 minutes) exploration game with a low res ps1 aesthetic. If you play it, let me know :)

Oh don't worry, it makes sense. I put it only public domain music but someone else still got a copyright warning so... Never too safe

Thanks tho!! The video was fun, it was supposed to be Britney Spears in the poster, but your take might be funnier x)

Thanks a lot!!! It was a fun playthrough

Oh no! But I downloaded specifically because it's a public domain song, if this article didn't lie :(

Thank you!!! The first one to turn the stereo off lol

Thanks a lot!! It was fun seeing you say "Nope" to the knocking door lol

Thank you!!! 

Just out of curiosity, what made you put the creepy music over it? x)

I love these vibes.

This was great! Adventure game (even some good old ones, but specially modern ones) tend to go on for too long, which makes them have one too many puzzles or tedious situations. This format is lovely, I enjoyed it very much and it reminded me of another episodic adventure game I love (The last door)

This was great! Good job.