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thank you

It fixed, you can now download

you can check this, if it can help you to make a commercial game.

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A collection of 12 NPC for  2D pixel art top-down game.

Top-Down style with  4 Directions (18 x 21 pixels , work good with 16 x16 pixels  environement)

Animations included:

> Idle


>10 expression emotes

Avalable for personal and commercial use. Credit is not necessary but highly appreciated.

Bundle link :

Hi, what do you think about my prototype?


Yes, i am currently work on the demo version. Thanks for feedback 

updates are coming soon, anyone who wants to create a little top down for fun might be interested. you can access it here

I think it was hard ?


big thank you for the video you made on my prototype, i am very grateful to you. it is a great support that you bring me here. I suscribe to your chanel

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thanks for your feedback, it's the first prototype version

Thanks so much, I already have the music and I am already implementing it in the game.

thank you for the feedback, I saw the playtest video you made! big thank you to you, I follow you on your itch

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I just released a small prototype, it lacks the sound effects and the music. it has for the moment basic mechanics but the difficulty is there !! I invite you to test it and give me your opinion. supporting its development by making a donation, that would be too much fun. PLAY HERE


Good music for a short casual pixel art.

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 You create a topdown and you need to be a little more original, this is for you! With woods, fire and tents, create a cool camping environment in your game. Several campfires available up to the magic fire! Take it here !!!

still waiting 

Really awesome



oh 😔



will try it


It's hard

Really? Me not



You will find music pack that you can use for all kind of project. Commercial or not.

hi, can you make us a smille topdow game with this

Isba good game ?