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Fun game! I like the graphics and the controls are very smooth. Those little buggers are fast!

Fun game! I like the penalties, it made it very challenging!

Created a new topic Nice Game!

I was genuinely scared when the girl jumped out the window! I was not expecting that!

Mavis Beacon can eat her heart out!

You play as Sherlock Bones, a dog detective. You have to sniff out clues to solve the mystery of Who's A Good Boy?

I'm not familiar with this scene, but this game was a lot of fun!

Hi, Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely take this into consideration on my next game. 

Thank you for the feedback! I struggled a lot getting the precision of the blaster right. I think the finished product was close, but it could have been better. The floating bubbles was another challenge I just could not get right in the time limit. All things to consider for my next jam. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! I intentionally made it hard because I wanted people to get to the monster scene before they lost interest. I did have sound in, but I took it out at the last minute. I didn't realize that was a judging criteria, but I'll remember that for my next jam. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! This was the first time I watched someone play a game I made (Who wasn't related to me) it was so surreal!

I did have the bubbles staggered in an earlier version, but I couldn't get the formula right to cycle through the 6 bubbles around it. That's just the lazy explanation, I could have spent more time to get it right.

I also had a film projector sound effect but while test playing I felt it got really annoying really fast so I took it out at the last minute.

Thank you for your suggestions! I will definitely take them into consideration on future projects. I'm glad you liked it!

This game is a lot of fun!

Fun game! I love all of the sound bites!

Fun game!!

Great game!

Created a new topic Fun game!!

I really enjoyed this game! I think this would make a really cool mobile game. Then I could totally play this while my husband's watching boring sports!

Fun game!!!