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Thanks for reviewing my game!! A lot of suggestions I took to heart and will consider in my next game. A lot of flaws and typos were a result of rushing the project. The TP issue was interesting because I did take it out, but it caused the battles with dialogue to crash. I put it back in and had to completely delete the troops that had dialogue on them and re-create them! I really needed the dialogue for the final (final) boss so I just sacrificed presentation and left it in. The door comment made me laugh because I don't even have doors in my real house!! (It's a long story) I think I really do hate doors haha.

I'm currently playing Divini 2 and I'm really enjoying it! It's a really well thought out and designed game. I'm working up a glowing review!

This game was a lot of fun! I really liked the environment and the story was great!

Thank you!!

Thanks for playing my game! You have to equip the fishing pole under tools, I added some last minute NPCs to explain that, I'll double check to make sure its clear.

Thank you!

This game was deceptively fun! I had a blast playing it! Good job!

thank you so much!! I hadn't thought about the placement of the dialogue box, I'll update that on my next game!

The attack was very wonky, you can even hit facing away! That part was rushed to release on time. Lots of room to improve, haha!

thank you so much!!

thank you!

Fun game!!

HAHA Cute game. The struggle is real!!(Tried to upload a picture but it got weird.)

Thanks, I'll look in to it and fix it!

thank you! I also felt like the last puzzle was misleading. I don't have much experience designing puzzles like this so I can only improve!

thank you!

Thanks! Uh, oh, what part are you stuck at? If it's the last part with 8 platforms the trick is to unlock opposite corners. (Spoiler alert.)

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Art is not my strongest area, but there's room to improve! As for the scrolling, can you use WASD/E? That might resolve that problem. I'm not at my computer right now but I'll check it out later.

Fun game!!

Fun game! I like the controls and the dying sound effects haha.

Fun game! I fell into space :(

thank you for the feedback! Level design is something I struggle with so I decided to go all out on this game! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Fun game! I like the graphics and the controls are very smooth. Those little buggers are fast!

Fun game! I like the penalties, it made it very challenging!

Antiasylum community · Created a new topic Nice Game!

I was genuinely scared when the girl jumped out the window! I was not expecting that!

Mavis Beacon can eat her heart out!

You play as Sherlock Bones, a dog detective. You have to sniff out clues to solve the mystery of Who's A Good Boy?

I'm not familiar with this scene, but this game was a lot of fun!

Hi, Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely take this into consideration on my next game. 

Thank you for the feedback! I struggled a lot getting the precision of the blaster right. I think the finished product was close, but it could have been better. The floating bubbles was another challenge I just could not get right in the time limit. All things to consider for my next jam. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! I intentionally made it hard because I wanted people to get to the monster scene before they lost interest. I did have sound in, but I took it out at the last minute. I didn't realize that was a judging criteria, but I'll remember that for my next jam. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! This was the first time I watched someone play a game I made (Who wasn't related to me) it was so surreal!

I did have the bubbles staggered in an earlier version, but I couldn't get the formula right to cycle through the 6 bubbles around it. That's just the lazy explanation, I could have spent more time to get it right.

I also had a film projector sound effect but while test playing I felt it got really annoying really fast so I took it out at the last minute.

Thank you for your suggestions! I will definitely take them into consideration on future projects. I'm glad you liked it!

This game is a lot of fun!

Fun game! I love all of the sound bites!

Fun game!!

Great game!

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Fun game!!

I really enjoyed this game! I think this would make a really cool mobile game. Then I could totally play this while my husband's watching boring sports!

Fun game!!!