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Valew mano! (Agora tenho que bater o seu recorde aqui...)

Yep, devo colocar tbm um bomberman que eu fiz daqui uns dia

É, fui jogar aqui e realmente tava mais lento do que deveria ._. , aumentei um pouco e aproveitei pra compilar uma versão que roda no navegador

Thanks for playing it! In my defense, it's written "F fireball attack" in the table where you spawn, but it seems that what I thought was subtle was actually unnoticeable ._.

Thanks man! I wish I could continue developing it, but with college and stuff I barely have time to make games :(
Btw, I LOL'd hard watching your gameplay :P, It's amusing how you guys can beat the game without using the fireball!

Thanks for trying it out! It seems like the graphics and performance of the game is not scaling well with the quality settings, and the collision of the objects aren't helping either, so I might try to improve it here. But thanks for the patience of playing it until the end!

LOL, you truly finished it in hard mode! My bad for not putting the control instructions for attacking inside the game. Now, after seeing you fly in the head of the ghost I had to try to finish the game doing this

Thanks! I hope you like it :D

So, to start this new year, I decided to gather some games I made during the last few years and release here on Itch. First time publishing and posting here, so I hope I'm doing it right...

To avoid creating too many topics, I've put all the released games here, with some background about them, so here they are!

  • Paper Hero (2014-2019, Windows)
    • Adventure yourself as a drawing in the classroom! Defeat the ghosts and bomb monsters, collect some coins, and explore the place.
    • Created for my high school cultural fair back in 2014, I've been polishing it the last years for fun every time a new Unity version released :P
  • Evil Corp (2018/2020, Web, Windows, Linux)
    • In a future where an evil mega corporation dominates the world, the player enters the role of a heavily armed robot sent by the worldwide resistance to destroy the Evil Corp HQ.
    • Created as final project of my university course on game development, where we designed and made a vertical slice of a game during the semester. I ended up making a twin stick shooter with a voxel/pixel art style I've been playing around for some time in my own engine, with the gameplay inspired by Nex Machina. In the Itch version, I ported it to WebGL and added a leaderboard so people can actually compete like in an arcade, so play it and let's see who gets the first place!
  • Not Rocket Science (2018, Web)
    • Help a little green spaceship return to its home! Orbit the planets with oxygen to recharge the hyperdrive and avoid being pushed by the unstable hot planets.
    • Also created in my game development course as an assignment, where we were instructed to create a simple game in GDevelop, to help us familiarize with the process of designing and developing games. For this I created a physics space platformer, similar to Angry Birds Space, that ended being quite unrealistic and janky to control, hence the name :P
  • Sunset Run (2017, Web)
    • Race at the sunset in neon-vector style.
    • Made for the GameOff2017 jam, the game was a tribute to old racing games, with a Vectrex like style, created with a software line rasterizer in C99 (for full old school experience :P ). Sadly I couldn't finish it in time for the jam deadline (I wonder why...), so it ended on a corner of my HD for quite a long time, until I used it to learn about emscripten and WebAssembly, when I ended porting it to web.
  • Pacman Remake (2018, Windows, Linux)
    • A remake of Pac-Man with a neon-80's visual, basically...
    • It was created as final project of my university course on programming and software development, where we had to make any kind of software using C++ and OOP. Since I was all in synthwave stuff back then, and the year back I made Sunset Run, I used the opportunity to create a better looking neon-vector renderer in OpenGL and put it into the game.

Hope you find them entertaining, and have fun!