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Really nice. The desert mission really made me feel like playing an AC game but not 100% the same which is of course good. I like that it feels a bit different. As other people said "slower" which seems fitting in a good way. 


A little suggestion from my side:

I have seen it in many flight games that whenever you down a larger aircraft being it a transporter or a huge air fortress gunship. that they crash into the ground and boom - gone. Isn't it possible to at least add tiny low poly debris pieces and a scorch mark texture to the ground with emitting smoke particles? It would make the battlefield feel alive after a large battle. I noticed it especially on the desert map when the gunship exploded in such a cool way just to go poof and gone into the ground without a trace. I think planes this size should leave a bit of a mark and performance impact should be minimal if you leave this effect to large gunships only.