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..I didn't know there was a gym. *digs frantically through files*

I am amused by the idea of a bridal shop that sells swimsuits too. You can get clothes for the wedding and the honeymoon at the same place!

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I never would have thought of an animation for the mirror like that, it works with everything, that's genius. 

Usually I use plugins for reflections but what you've created is so much easier to use.

Those sideview clothes will work perfectly for making a closet!

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Ooh, now this looks interesting. And a great addition to all the store stuff you have already. Since we already have cash registers and all that, I'm guessing this is going to be more mirrors, dressing room curtains, piles of clothes, clothes hung up, shoe racks, etc. 

That could all work really well in a bedroom setting too, so I'm looking forward to it!

I wish! My stuff is difficult in a different way, though!

I am constantly jealous of your amazing skills in pixel art.

The shrine is perfect, thank you! It fits the theme quite well!

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Ah, the kotatsu, the most important piece of Japanese furniture, awesome! 

The only other thing I could think to add, although I have no idea how you'd do it in pixel art, is one of those small Japanese household shrines to honor the dead.. a butsudan shrine, I think it's called? It is a common fixture in both anime and j-drama and so I think it would suit the theme quite well! 

One more idea.. perhaps a incense burner with animated smoke? That's all I can come up with, this looks amazing already! 

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For those wondering, "abat-jour" can be translated as "lampshade" in this context.

LimeZu did I accidentally make you make a whole new animation

Awesome, that's exactly what I wanted! The creased blankets are a great addition too, I never would have even thought of that. Obviously every character isn't going to make their bed! Little aspects like that really add to the visual delight of a game, various bits and bobbles and clutter that establish that people actually live in a location and aren't perfect. 

Yes, as I mentioned yesterday, we need our blankets xD I've always hated when it's a static bed asset that you can't stick a character into! I guess most characters in RPGs sleep on top of the sheets, ha. 

Wooo! Looking forward to seeing the covers too, hopefully in lots of patterns. So many asset packs give you static beds with no real variation or easy way to put characters inside them.

Nice to see you back! I'll be donating and grabbing these as soon as I can, they look amazing!

From what I can gather, it's literally nothing more than a few changes in the plugin. Look at the bottom of, it gives a brief rundown of the new commands there.

For example: "3D models can be imported using the model() function. For example, model(filename.obj) will load filename.obj from the models folder." - this command only works in the Premium plugin (mv3d-plugin, not the demo one(mv3d-plugin-demo

I have to laugh at the addition of the kid's playroom, anytime you get creative with your themes I find myself struggling with where to fit the new pieces into my personal tile sheets! I think I'll just keep everything child-like together, since they can be put in so many settings, from a daycare to a school to a playroom and beyond!

No problem. I admit that I, too, tried to apply this plugin to an existing project first only for nothing to work. That deleted post up above is mine. It was only after doing some reading that I realized that you need to build the entire game around this plugin, not just attach it to something else and expect magic to happen. A bit disappointing, but the results are worth it. 

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Try and perhaps? Poking around the demo answered a lot of my questions too. This requires a LOT of setup, but you can copy-paste a lot of it over from the demo to get you started.

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I found it, thank you! I kept bouncing between the links that said "Wiki", "tutorial", and "where to ask for help". I didn't realize that "software's documentation" was actually the manual, whoops.

Edit: Was quite simple to do, actually! I'll be able to split off armor and gloves quite easily, and even noticed that Male Top9 could make a nice vest. I'll have a nice collection of fantasy pieces before the end of the day.

Awesome to see sideview coming soon.

I'm experimenting with breaking the included parts up into new ones - for example, splitting the gloves off of Male Top 8 and making them into an accessory. I'm assuming that to do so, I'd simply follow the naming format that's already set up and edit the parts.json file? 

Also, will adding parts be something that you'll make easy in the future, or at least write a quick tutorial for? It seems pretty obvious how it works, but it would be nice if there was a simple, drag-and-drop functionality of some sort.

Also - you guys could totally do this too, split off gloves/ties/scarfs/sleeves into their own parts! Would be a nice and hopefully easy way to officially fill out the Accessory category.