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Interesting variation on Vampire Survivors. Looks ok so far, my main issue though is that the game spikes and lags for a while every time I gain a level.


Great game! Would be great to put the game window resolution into the game. Was looking for the settings and having a not so great time playing the tiny game on my screen. Only found out after I was gonna write a comment here.

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Great first game/games!

Great game! Kinda hard to shoot sometimes, for the big purple boss I kept pressing but bullets didn't appear even though the cooldown was finished and I wasn't moving.

Also, its really tiny for my screen :D I have a 2500x1600 screen so it was quite hard to play.

Really cool though, love the effects.

Great thanks!

Oh in that case, I cant wait for the full game! I stumbled on your youtube channel and I saw the newer stuff and cant wait. Really loving the style there.

Also, saw that you used godot for this. What is your take on the engine so far?

Great game, finished the demo. Visuals look great. 

Just some points, sometimes it's difficult to grab on to the rope, the character just slides to some crazy areas if its close to the ground. Also its quite difficult to move around, the ledge grab from the rope might be better if it was a tad bigger. The character doesn't grab the ledge unless its aimed the rope exactly at the corner. Pretty much had to be pixel perfect.

All in all a great game, other than the difficulty maneuvering around, I love the visuals and atmosphere. Looking forward to playing more of it. Gave a little tip for your troubles =) 

Incredible game, unforgiving but really fun. Great job here.

Hi it says spaceshooter.exe is infected with win32:Trojan-gen from my avg virus protection. I cant run the program.