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I am so glad you like it!

Nice game!

Wow... this is... very... good actually!

This was made with GB Studio, right?

Cool game! I am going to download it.

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It is very much just like PaRappa the Rapper.

EDIT: Actually no, PaRappa the Rapper shows you what buttons you are pressing. While this game doesn't.

I just realized that the text "GameBoy Edition" is actually the font used in Minecraft's chat.

I would love to play it. But would you make another one in English? Because I cannot understand Portuguese.

Yes, but it might take a while... Since I am not working on the game right now. Also this game is for the Gameboy and emulators.

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Remember, this thing is in development... so you can't expect for me to make the whole game. Also Team Salvato spent 2 years working on Doki Doki Literature Club. So... It might take me a while.

I think you should add an auto-save option.

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Cool Game!

I need serious help.


Preparing variables...
Preparing strings...
Preparing images...
Preparing ui...
Preparing sprites...
Preparing avatars...
Preparing music...
Preparing scenes...
Preparation complete
Compiling events...
Error: Compiling "EVENT_CALL_CUSTOM_EVENT" failed with error "Error: Compiling "EVENT_IF_ACTOR_RELATIVE_TO_ACTOR" failed with error "Error: Compiling "EVENT_ACTOR_SET_SPRITE" failed with error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'size' of undefined". {"scene":"Boss Fight","scriptType":"actor","actor":"XXXXXXXXXX"}". {"scene":"Boss Fight","scriptType":"actor","actor":"XXXXXXXXXX"}". {"scene":"Boss Fight","scriptType":"actor","actor":"XXXXXXXXXX"}

Thank you so much, This helped me a lot!

How do you revert GBC to GB?