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Thank you for your feedback! I agree, I wish that we had a little more time to refine the system to offer better hints and tutorials. I'm happy you liked the spellbook! :)

Very cute! I would love if I didn't have to wait for the boat to fall alllll the way down every time the balloon pops, but I like the design. I enjoyed my time playing it. :)

A good concept well executed. This kind of simplicity in game design is something I strive for in my own games. I enjoyed it a lot - well done!

Confusing art seems to be a theme throughout most of our feedback. Thank you for playing, and I'm happy you enjoyed the spellbook's snark. :)

The lightning is pretty close to the end of the rule set we came up with, so it sounds like you experienced most of the game. Trying to discover which elements do what was intended to be part of the experience, but we could have done a better job making it less confusing by making a better tutorial. Thank you for trying it out!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) A lack of labels is supposed to be part of the experience of trying to figure out what all these different ingredients do, but I agree we could have made individual elements more clear. Thank you for trying the game!

Thank you! The alchemy engine and art were created before the rules were, so I agree that we could make that more clear. Thank you for the feedback!

A fun and unique concept! A little difficult for me - I always ran out of ammo, but there were so many enemies I couldn't ration it well. I definitely enjoyed it though.

Stealing cats and toilet paper is such a 2020 mood. Fun game!

Great fun! It was kinda easy, but it's far better to have to make a game harder than to make it easier.  Nice work.

Feels very good to play - the sounds, lights, and controls worked very nicely together. Of all the "rules change randomly" games from this game jam I've played, yours is easily one of the best. Very polished and fun!

Very pretty - the colors, graphics, and sound design (especially the keyboard clicking!) really felt old-school. It was a fun game that tested my typing and puzzle skills. I'd definitely play more!

This is impressive - two gameplay sections and a story with a surprise choice that caught me off-guard! Of the two gameplay sections, I preferred the first - it felt better designed and not as tedious. I liked the story too, but the ending dialogue felt too drawn out for the amount of story there was. Overall, a good experience. I'd play more if it were fleshed out and fine-tuned.

I was trying a bunch of the game jam games last night, so I know it wasn't muted. I tried it again this morning and it worked fine! I updated the score I gave to reflect that. :)

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Very pretty and satisfying gameplay! I wish there was sound to go with it, but I really enjoyed myself. It's a clever concept, yet difficult to master.

[Edit: There was sound after all - maybe it just glitched out on me? Regardless, the sound was pleasant and complimented the gameplay nicely.]

It took me a bit of experimentation, but I figured them out - tap the Space key to start flying in a circle in the opposite direction. It takes a bit of practice, but when you get the hang of it, the navigation makes sense.

I like the concept. The controls were difficult at first, but I was flying around in no time. I wish that the sound effect in the background didn't loop so much, but overall, a job well done.

The puzzles were great fun and really required thinking outside of the box. I could see it being a little hard for someone without a programming or CS background, but it was a perfect little game in my eyes. I'd definitely play more levels! And the background music was a great recommendation too. 😉

Awesome concept that required out-of-the-box thinking. I love meta-games like this!

It's a really pretty game - love that retro polygon feel! Great concept too. With a little higher jump height and more levels, this would be a fantastic game. I had a lot of fun!

Fun game, if a bit hard. I wish there were more levels because I'd like to play more! The graphics were charming, and I really liked the humor in the premise and the icons.

Unique concept - I've seen platformers where you switch the gravity, but not one where it switches for you! I liked the puzzles, but the controls need some refinement. It was pretty difficult to move when on a surface.

Beautiful game with great sounds and lots of polish. It certainly felt out of control, but with this particular game, it felt like a detriment rather than a challenge to overcome. I had fun with it, but I would have enjoyed it more if there wasn't a timer so that I could think about my moves, given the unique movement system - but then it wouldn't fit the game jam, would it?

Fantastically done. It was original, pretty, and fun - an excellent game!

I literally giggled through the entire thing - such a great concept! The captain's soothing voice really helped me focus on advancing my career.

Very cute. I laughed quite a bit. Wish there was more gameplay, but it was so nice I played it twice!

There should be a button in the center that says "Click to go on a joyride!". The controls screen was one of the last things we made, so I'm not surprised it's such a mess, haha!

I liked it enough, and I think there's room for potential here, but as it stands it's a little too monotonous - it's quite easy to simply push, slash, push, slash your way forward, and there's no incentive to try anything else. I do hope you develop the game further, though!

Absolutely fantastic. One of the very few all 5-star ratings I've given. Would love if you developed this into a larger game (though I don't know the Pico-8's limits very well). :)

Love love love this design - this is a fantastic concept for a multiplayer game, cooperative or competitive! I hope you flesh this out in the future! :)

A neat little puzzle game - I enjoyed it! I'll admit I'm not quite sure what the oil was for, it seemed that only the blocks surrounding me would be lit on fire, regardless of whether there was oil near them or not, but I like the idea of the cube trying to stamp out the flames you created. :)

I liked it a lot! I really enjoy games with some element of light/dark management :) It was really hard though, at least for me. I did something similar in my submission, actually - looks like we were on the same wavelength haha!

Liked the concept! I really enjoyed the art :)

Although I don't think it quite fits the theme of mechanics serving dual purposes (though the chair certainly symbolizes a lot, I don't think that's really a mechanic), I have to say that I LOVED this. I got a Stanley Parable sort of feel somehow, and it felt really creepy but enticing, like a horror game. I am sooo glad you didn't include any kind of jump scare, I hate those haha - nice concept, well done! :)

Almost, but not quite - what you included was all the assets and other materials that Unity uses to help you put together your game, but not the final, finished data itself. Unity performs some weird magic to turn the scripts and other things you use into a compact form to go with your game; it's that folder you need to include. In the location where you built the final game, there should be another folder with the game executable called SoundBlockPlay_Data. That's the folder you need to include, not the Assets/Library/other folders from the Unity project. :)

You need to zip up and submit the entire Unity build folder, not just the executable - as it stands, your game doesn't work because the executable needs the files in the SoundBlockPlay_Data folder to run! :(