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I see. Well you should give Q2 a try. You can find it online. It's mad fun. It's a different type of rocket jump fun. 😉

Wow this looks incredible!

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Like it. Was calm and relaxing. Music was good, reminded me about Jeanne Michel Jarre Oxygen. Would be nice to see some chunks of BG where the lights pass to see the backdrop of this strange world. 

It was interesting, but almost impostsoble to play with WASD imo. The space between fingers is too tight to understand where to push on time. Perhaps on joystick it would work much better. 

Very nice game. Thought the "space" pressing sort of kick drum sound was a bit heavy. But like music and sound design. Pixel art is very interesting and original. Good job people.

Very fun style and make of the game. Must be made by a fans of Quake game where rocket and grenade jumps are very popular haha. Was fun thank you! Music fited perfectly. Sound effects was cool too. 

Gochi Gochi community · Created a new topic Mac Version

Hi Timmy. I'd love to as if you could make a Mac build for the game if possible? Cheers. 

Nicely done

looks outstanding! Wish this would be available on Mac as well...

wow, that looks insanely good! :O

Holy crap that is hard boss!

would be really cool. I'd definitely play it

Very nice. I don't have PC though. On Mac...


cool man

SkyanSam what platform is this one for?

lmafo about "feet greased" 

Good looking game. I kept sliding on those little platforms. Music sounded very nice. Like the idea of the words. 

Wow, looked very pretty this game!

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Hi I'd love to join a group of game makers as a Sound Designer/ Music Composer. 

My Soundcloud listed below: 

Music Ideas Playlist - music and soundtrack, various genres, styles and moods. 

Sound Effects - some music ideas and some effects and ambiances recordings. 

EDM - Electronic Dance Music.

Please visit my official website 

I'm capable of composing in various styles, genres, tempos. Have official software to compose and sound design, with plugins and various official synths. I'm looking forward to hear from anyone who is interested in collaborating in a game jam. 

I've worked in film and tv for a while. So computer games are a new thing to me in a way. 

Currently have some experience in FMOD and some experience in Unity audio works.  Learning WWISE, don't know too much of it though yet.