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Wow impressive. Looks very much like Starfox! Music and Sfx fits perfectly. Amazing work Grau

IsabellaLau - Music and SFX were awesome, great job. Wonder where did you get the vocal staff. Do you got friends from Mongolia who can do polyphonic singing? 

Everyone else, game looks and feels awesome. I died after first try, so gotta retry again. Cheers and congrats for the victory 8)

I'd add a 16bit hashtag as well. Because those sounds in video aren't 8bit. They are at least SNES like. That tuned percussion sounds very inspired by either Donkey Kong Country or Crash Bandicut. Like it. Sounds fun.

Looks very cool. Will have to give a try sooner or later. I'm impressed you guys have it in Google store.

Glad my feedback helped.

Looking forward for an HTML version. Would love to try it.

Nice. Glad you liked our game as well

I'd try if there would be a browser version. Looks awesome. 

Absolutely enjoyed the game. Going to play it again. Want to beat it with the big smile in the end. Wow you guys put lots of effort in to the game! Wish there could be a biiiit more sound effects when doing gigs. Love the music variety. Really enjoyed the game. 

Collected all items once out of 5 tries. Couldn't even get around map once to get back to the hut, felt that the map was too vast. Perhaps if make it a bit smaller could be a good idea. ALso perhaps making icons of items larger size could help as well. 

Controls are simple and easy to understand from first attempt. 

Not sounds or music at all. Would've enhanced experience for sure. 

Game idea is descent, survival of the nomad. But lack of audio doesn't make it better.  

Sorry if I'm too harsh. 

Interesting idea. 

Bit game from first attempt. Controls were easy to use. Wish there could be some inertia after jump to make it a bit harder to jump from platform to platform. 

Wish there would be some simple looped music track and real sound effects for jumping, attacks, killer bee boss. 

Voice Over could be processed through the 8 bit distortion to make game more authentic and less recognizable voices, i.e. more 8 bit sound. 

Not a bad game, but more time spend on sound and music would've make it better for sure. 

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Looks super cute. "Bomberman" styles. Wish there would be a HTML version of the game to play in the browser. 

Like this one. Gets tough pretty quick. I'd put another oasis somewhere in the middle so you can go between, otherwise great game, reminded me about Snake game back in the days on my Nokia phone 8)) Good job. 

Yei I've beat it!

For sure

Good job Joshua. Well done. 

Looks cool. Never seen more than one level...

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Loos cool. wish there would be more music variations. Some levels I couldn't figure out what to do. Sometimes cursor got laggy on me.  So I'll give 4 stars. 

Very nice. Simple and clean. A bit hard to move with the cursor but it was fun. Music fits the game well. 

I beat it few times. Love it. Very dynamic and fun.

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Damn that was tough, but I've beat all of the levels hahaha

Pretty tough logic. 

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Jesus this game is hard. Took me like 25 minutes to beat level 3. Really like it though. I do think Dino, that you should put some controls in to the description. I think that's why some people commented about "not getting what the game is about, clearly" sort of speaking.  ALso I'll make more tunes. 

Thanks regarding tune 8)

I see. Well you should give Q2 a try. You can find it online. It's mad fun. It's a different type of rocket jump fun. 😉

Wow this looks incredible!

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Like it. Was calm and relaxing. Music was good, reminded me about Jeanne Michel Jarre Oxygen. Would be nice to see some chunks of BG where the lights pass to see the backdrop of this strange world. 

It was interesting, but almost impostsoble to play with WASD imo. The space between fingers is too tight to understand where to push on time. Perhaps on joystick it would work much better. 

Very nice game. Thought the "space" pressing sort of kick drum sound was a bit heavy. But like music and sound design. Pixel art is very interesting and original. Good job people.

Very fun style and make of the game. Must be made by a fans of Quake game where rocket and grenade jumps are very popular haha. Was fun thank you! Music fited perfectly. Sound effects was cool too. 

Gochi Gochi community · Created a new topic Mac Version

Hi Timmy. I'd love to as if you could make a Mac build for the game if possible? Cheers. 

Nicely done

looks outstanding! Wish this would be available on Mac as well...

wow, that looks insanely good! :O

Holy crap that is hard boss!

would be really cool. I'd definitely play it

Very nice. I don't have PC though. On Mac...


cool man

SkyanSam what platform is this one for?