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I enjoyed the first few minutes of the game but, it felt like it lack any real direction other than shoot the cans. Maybe shooting certain moving can to get different types of guns can vary up the game a bit. 

This game was quite the challenging, playing it on a laptop definitely added to the level of difficulty though. I like the mechanic of making enemies invisible when you have earmuffs, I eventually started toggling that if a swarm of them almost hit me all at once then I would lay  mine. I only got up to 4 out 10 so that strategy didn't work out that well. 

I was also curious, if you would be interested in checking out my entry "Variant Accord"?

link to the game:

I played through your game, it was simple yet challenging. I like the Bud mechanic which add an extra element to the platforming. I was wondering, if you were interested in checking the game I posted for the Game It Game Jam 2? Here's a link to my game: 

This didn't feel like a game, it felt more like experience. After finishing my own jam game for this jam, yesterday  I needed to decompress a little. The experience manage to make me look at game development (the thing I love) completely differently. Even though it has only been a part of my life for a year and two months I feel it has offered me alot  things. I'm glad I was able to experience you project .

I can provide you link to game I finished, if you want you could check it out:

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This was fun experience with a dimwitted and perverted detective. You did do a good job making him not very sharp. As for the correct choice (I won't ruin the surprise) but, you could have used some flavor text from the motel owner to hint that something was amiss. 

Obtaining notes about the case could prove helpful when questioning  the motel owner. As for the menu you could use this plugin by mjshi that takes out all the battle info since it doesn't apply to the game.

The puzzles were quite clever and music playing just gave me the push I need when I was feeling frustrated to see the game through to the end. The last puzzle was quite challenging, but it felt so satisfying once I finished it.

I found this game when I saw your post about this game on the RPG Maker Forum. Based on post you pulled an all nighter. I somewhat can relate to that because the last game jam I participated in I owned on the game until 2 hours until the submissions closed. If you are at all interested here's a link to game I submitted in the game jam I spoke of:

Thanks for taking a look at my game, I appreciated. I was also able to get rid of the few grammatical errors in the story. I enjoyed the playthrough, you definitely have a good personality fitted for Youtube. I also decided to share your video on my Facebook as a way to thank you.

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I really liked the game, despite only have one instant where you control the character. The story felt grounded realistic almost as if you know what its like to go through it.  The audio was masterfully used in this game especially the song selection and the ambient noise you would hear. I was also rooting for Lucy and Firky together, they made such a nice couple. It was a nice story despite a few grammarical errors on a rare occassion, but that didn't detract from the experience. 

I also noticed this was a game jam game so I respect the amount of care you put into this game despite the time limit. I also made a game jam game about now running from your problems  as opposed to living with anxiety. Although I can tell you handled your topic more maturely. If you are interesting in checking my game jam game here's a link to it:

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Here’s link to the Mac version of the game:

Let me know if it works.

I really like how you had that questionaire segment segment in the beginning to determine what house you go to. It was a nice touch of customization. Also picking customizing, I like how you are able pick what skills you learn. However, if you don't pick any offense magics it somewhat hinders exploration when you go out into the field. I have yet to finish it though. 

As for reading the books I think having you learn the skill after 3 days seems sufficient. Four just seems a little too long. I like the overall atmosphere of school and the school theme is catchy. Although, you somewhat made it too obvious the LawMages were the true bad guys. The merchant that illegally sells you books and the Julian's slip of the tongue gave it away for me. As for the merchant have the merchant appear later in the game, when the party is starting to question the school. With Julian have Sylvia cut him off when he says the monsters are not the true enemies instead of mentioning the crystal experiments. That way the thought could linger on who the true bad guy is. The battles also seem to drag because of the slower battle animations and barriers. Maybe, you could have 1 to 2 less barriers on bosses because this where that most apparent.

Anyway, I think this a pretty well put together game, I can understand why it won first place. I was wondering if aren't too busy you wouldn't mind trying out my game. I finished the game, I just need it to be playtested some more.

The 1.1 patch is up for anyone who ran into the issue with the jigsaw puzzle. Let me know if it works.

I really liked the art style, it looks like it belongs a children's picture book. It's a fun take on the tooth fairy, where it is mice who actually take the teeth. Although some platform requires too much precision for the small space you are given to work with. The music is somewhat catchy but the song ends too quickly and it doesn't loop very smoothly.  I noticed the light radius shrinking but, the smallest size should be big enough so you can see upcoming enemies and platforms. Also, the collision  detection on some of the edge is a little off. You hang off the side of the platform. Overall, I think this is an interesting idea but, if you work on it some more after the Jam I think it can be even better.

I liked overall atmosphere of the game, it somewhat reminds me of Metriod Prime especially with the ambience in the background. I wasn't able to get past the first area. I taking the number I saw which were, "14" and "02" but it didn't open the door. I guess this isn't my type of game but I'm sure other people really enjoyed it. I also used a lab setting in first long term game, "Path of the Martyrs". Although this is probably what would happen to said lab after 50 to 100 years.

Thanks, this was my first Horror game so it comes as a surprise to hear that . As for the puzzle after the Jam is over I will be releasing a 1.1 patch that will fix that issue.

I  figured the problem earlier today and I will post a 1.1 patch with the fix jigsaw puzzle after the jam is over.

Thanks, Several ran into the problem with the puzzle. However, I just fixed that problem a moment ago. So  after  the jam I will post the 1.1 patch with the fixed puzzle , that way everyone who got stuck at that point can actually see the ending.

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Thanks, I feel I can do my best if there is a story attach to my games. Well to me it help make the world feel alive. Although environmental story telling just as important.

It's not supposed to be. Another person who played the game ran into the same problem. However, for some odd reason whenever  I solve the  puzzle it works fine.

I am not quite sure how  I would add someone  on Discord, I don't use it that much.  Would you mind explaining how?

On an unrelated note have checked my entry yet? 

Here are some things you can do to improve your game after the Game Jam

- The roof tile in the houses can be walked on so in the Tileset setting in the Database make it an X so the player can't walk on the roof.

-Don't have all the characters dialogue all on one event page. Whenever there is a change in that NPC's dialogue use a different Event Page so you don't repeat dialogue.

- When you interact with the crystal after you defeat the Fairy Queen have the Event set to "Direction Fix" and "Stepping" setting on.

-The priest tell you have to have 5 Fairy Dusts so the player is made aware how much to collect.

-Edwynn should have one or two skills to start with so you have something to spend your TP on.

-Your Items and Skills should tell the player what they do so the player knows what it's used for it.

- When you have to feed all those people instead of individually taking the Food Parcels they player obtains the required amount of parcels when they interact with the food Box. Then you turn on a Self Switch then you have a different Event page that says, "I took all the food I need."

- Whenever you receive an Item have a Sound effect just like when you give the miners their Food Parcel.

You did a great job with the story, it definitely makes me want to know more.

As a fellow person who uses the RPG Maker engine there are some technical aspects you can easily fix. I will spend those to you directly .

This game definitely had consequences for your actions, I liked that about your game. It made each choice meaningful. Trying not to eat the girl led me down some interesting routes. This short adventure definitely quite the meaningful one.

since my game is going to be about dreams and running away from your troubles within  them, does that count towards the theme of “far away and lost”?

I want to participate in this jam but I can’t really think of any myths or legends that catch my interest. I have always been fascinated with dreams though could I make a game about that?

That makes sense. There is a boon in the recreation of retro styled games in recent years so it makes sense

I have never heard of PICO-8, based on your description it somewhat with making puzzle games.  I like to use RPG Maker because I like RPGs since they are more story focused which are the kind of games I like. Although with my Game Jam entry I wanted to see if  I could make something that wasn't an RPG.

It was the perfect engine for this game. I use RPG Maker because I have become very familiar with it through the course of this year. Is this your first ever game you made or did you make another game through another engine?

I was wondering did you use RPG Maker to make this? The reason why I ask is because it functions like an RPG Maker game like confirming with space and using space to speed up text. If that is true, I also made my game jam in RPG Maker but,  it wasn't as polished as your game. I think if I worked the last day instead of posting it then I think I could have made a better game. Despite that I had fun with it and I plan on expanding on its ideas further after  I finish my current game.

I was a bit lost with the story until I ran through the story a second time, then it started to make sense. It was quite unfortunate the mother had such excruciating pain, however she was still kind despite that. It reminds me of my grandma because she had few health problems that hindered her quality of life. Despite that she was always thinking about others.

I just played through the game, it was neat little experience. The beginning was quite challenging until I finally used my resorts more sparingly. I liked the progress of power Lenora goes through as the game goes on, where the hunted becomes the hunter. I thought the grandma would have been the true villain but that would be too cliche.