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The remaster definitely has a tighter mapping and a solid story to get behind. Although the equipment doesn't really serve a purpose now that there is no longer a battle system.


In the esteemed estate of the Cichy mansion, there seems to be a void within the household. However, one day Adele Cichy tells her daughter Liridona she has set up an arranged marriage with a prince named Nathaniel. Everything seems to be going well between the two of them until Liridona hears something she shouldn't have from the prince. So, can she escape from Nathaniel's grasp or will she succumb to his persistence?

This game was made in RPG Maker MV. It is a horror adventure game with scenarios where your choices can lead to Liridona's escape or demise. This demo is roughly an hour long.

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Mental illness/depression is always a touchy subject and I think you handled it with care. The quality of the art and writing is superb for something you made in 3 days. The main character of my latest game goes through something similar to Giselle. So I was able to appreciate the game even more.

I liked the overall comfy feeling of the game, with a likable cast of characters. Although I didn't see the plot twist coming so kudos to that. I released at the perfect time where we still have Christmas on our minds. (Despite me playing it a week later)

I liked this game, it was a fun little puzzle game with plenty of charm and character in its presentation. I enjoyed my experience with this game though.

There a few quality of life improvements I think you could implement into the game such as adding descriptions to the items you want to buy from the vending machines, add other ambients or songs to add some auditory variety to the game and turn down the saturation to some of the Battlebacks so they don't strain the eyes. Also for the vending machine you have the cancel choice set to #2 so you default to buying that item. I would set that cancel choice to the same choice as "Cancel" so it works properly. This game has a few rough edges but its an interesting concept nethertheless.  

I downloaded the latest version and the crash no longer occurs.

I look forward to any more games you make in the future.

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This was an interesting game, I like the trippy visual simulating a broken computer. It was also balanced nicely with a somber tone of being left behind. Also during "no" of the endings, a file is missing so I couldn't get that one.

This was good, I like how you were able to see the twist coming but it didn't diminish its impact. Overall, this is was a fun game with likable characters. Although the gameplay segments could be expanded upon, like adding a puzzle here and there.

I like this game so far and how it connects to Cemetry Mary but can be enjoyed on its own. The characters are well written so far and your art has improved from your previous games. The only criticism I have is having to win that character over to progress the story. I think this should be optional so it gives your choices some weight.

This game was a nice experience, it felt sad, thought-provoking, and wholesome at the same time. I like your use of visual metaphors it helped sell the message of seeking help if you feel doubt in yourself.

The only critique I can offer is that you could add a bit more variety to the game-play loop. However, I understand it's a game-jam game so time wasn't a luxury you had.

That was a short and fun little game. Although, you didn't use the Reid sprite you used his face image. Also congratulations on finishing this, especially a One Map challenge. I hear it takes a bit of skill to finish. 

I enjoyed playing your game, it a nice balance of comedy and tension. It reminded me of my own dream related game, "The Heart's Fallacy". Coincidently, I made that for a game jam just like this game.

I played through the game and I enjoyed the story. You did a good job with making a suspenseful story with many twist and turns.

That happened because you stood outside for 10 seconds, this was to establish time is collapsing in on itself. That happens because you looped 3 times. The best thing to do is go the bottom of the map. 

It was fun game by concept alone and its action stealth combat was a fun way to incorporate combat. The baby losing health seems realistic considering babies are used to fighting. As for the bombing the furnace in the upper left of the map it should trigger the event by interacting with it once you have the bomb. Also the ending, if you unite with the parents without killing monster they should have their reunion in that cell because it feels jarring having the reunion out in the open if you don't kill the monster. Overall, it was a fun game jam game with a few bumps but overall it is a pretty polished game.

This game was so wholesome and I liked how it explored the sense of belonging. You did a great job with the short amount of time making likable characters.

I like what I saw during the demo. The mystery of Nikanor's house, the horse thing and characters have me interested. I will definitely keep an eye on this one.  

Thanks for the comment about the game. These types of comments make game development worth it for me. 

That's good and your welcome. What happens when you collect them all, just wondering? 

Real life can sometimes be exactly what you need to make a good story. However, you could bend and twist it to fit your vision.

This does a nice job of mixing pure wholesomeness and sadness. Putting two opposing moods together is quite hard and both of you did a great job making them work together. 

I am working on a game that is a horror and a RPG, sometimes trying to balance the two genres is quite a challenge. My brain is quite used to. Did you have a similar experience balancing the happiness and sadness in your own game?

I feel bad for the boy because he is the scapegoat for the father. I think it was the monster that caused all the misfortune in the family unless that thing is symbolic of something else. I like how you left that plot thread up to interpretation.

Despite the subject matter the story drew me in, I realized that is one aspect of horror is when done well it can pull you into its thralls. Its something I learned when I made my own Horror game for a game jam and play through Pocket Mirror.

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Okay, I must have overlooked it when  I started a new game. I found it, thanks for letting me know. 

I was wondering how  I continue with the story with the story. I downloaded the 3.2 version then I finished the first chapter. Now whenever, I hit continue it goes back to main menu.

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the game. It’s my second favorite game that I have made next to my first long term game, “Path of the Martyrs”. That’s why my next long term project will combine my favorite two together.

Yes, so it doesn't ruin the pacing of the final section of the game. Also for the bonus area can reward people who find all the skystones. Think about it like gathering heart pieces in Legend of Zelda. It is advised you get more hearts so you could survive but isn't required.

I just beat the game, I enjoyed the game overall. However, the endgame quest somewhat put the pacing of the final confrontation to a grinding halt. I would maybe would do have of the amount of Skystone or save the rest for a bonus room where talk about your experience with the game. 

Hi this is Kazuki (the guy from the Harold Game Jam) The setting is quite interesting, where it takes place in the sky and people mine rocks with their bare hands.

I like the unique concept of preserving your resources (what your hands can handle) it make you think strategically about what rocks to break. However, I somewhat got softlocked out of the story progress on the third chapter because I can't get my hands high enough to break Onyx and I can't get enough to get more Balm for my hands. Am I doing something wrong?

As a point of criticism, you could add another herb guy on the third chapter's side so it doesn't feel like you are gathering them for nothing. You could inflate the price a bit more like, 15 herbs this time. However he gives you a balm that heals a little more than 25. Other than the softlock, that is the only criticism I have for this game. 

I  did submit it to the game jam. I was inquiring so I don't break the rules unknowingly.

I was wondering if I could use a game  I have on here, It's a demo  I made for 7 day game jam, I feel its unresolved. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I had my reservations for the games when some people ran into some of its blemishes earlier this week. I still think its a worthy tribute to Harold. However, Harold's Journey Beyond is the MVP in this game jam in my opinion.

Thanks, I always look for an excuse or reason to implement custom artwork in my games. It helps with giving it its own identity.

I know the premise of Harold running away from MZ is the premise but, he descent to villainy was to abrupt, it could have been done a bit more gradually. Also the combat seems too stacked against you, there is no way I could win even at full health and MP.(which I had to converse) You could maybe give Harold at least one less expensive combat skill so you aren't you Spark as a last resort and just spamming attack the whole time.

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Player choice is very important, so it feels like their choices have weight. That is true about games, if they are immersing us in their world I think they are doing a good job.

I'm more inspired by story-focused games (not much of a surprise con side this is the type of game I like to make) JRPGs usually hit this balance for me. However, sometimes the gameplay can fall behind in this genre but I usually stick around for the story, if its good that is. 

I have made one full game "Path of the Martyrs" a RPG,  which got published and will be live on Steam on the 18th of this month. Then I have two other jam games entitled "The Heart's Fallacy" and "Variant Accord". The first is a horror game and second is somewhat visual novel but you can move around the map.

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I was a bit surprised by its reception as well, both good and bad. (the satisfied feeling others had while others ran into alot of bugs.)  

I was somewhat was inspired by Final Fantasy 7 Remake's boss design so I wanted to incorporate that in my own games. The game was okay but the bosses were my favorite aspect of the game.

What types of games do you usually make, if I may ask?

I am glad you liked the game. I was originally make the time shorter so you have to prioritize your time. However, giving the player option to do everything also a nice option. Also I always take any opportunity I can to make custom assets because I want to personalize the game to my liking.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, the bugs people mentioned did somewhat damper my confidence in this game though. As for the custom assets, I always like to add my own personal flare to my projects considering my artistic nature.