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How dare boobs exist!

no need to be rude as i was unaware at the time

Hope i win

What software you use to import pilot to gba

well like i very nicely said to other devs

Never try to be that "one guy" so after you complete the full version never just act like that's all you are

Always find new and creative ideas to keep you going 

Please tell me this is gonna be another good jam game that becomes a full official game published to and steam?

Wait no more "big" characters?

Is it not possible to say effect the speed of sound

Like when you stop a record it slows down lowering the pitch before it goes quiet

No I'm not sending sponge nudes

You need a crank feature where you have to crank to play it but the speed of the crank effect the speed of the video


What assets/plugins you using for the interaction like the choisewheel

Congrats on coming out

I hope there gonna be Markiplier easter eggs

Didn't know you was using unity

Thought be like rpgmaker or wolfrpg

Any chance of quest port?

Be funny if you added a secret/easter egg where pi becomes gigantic like kaiju tibby in main character dreams

So what's currently happening with this? You just taking a break or the next part of the lore taking a bit longer then expected? Or just wanna focus on other stuff 

Just curious but is there anything in your productions you or your friends can't do inhouse (like there any limitations to your work in your opinion)

Steam port or you doing itch exclusive?

Lol poop killer and now a vhs horror in vrchat

Is funny when i find a map asset that has multiple uses

How come on your store you not made a full box set of all seasons?

And is there plans for a bundle?


Saw this 3 times and was confused until artcle kindly explain it was the same asset

Gonna give the devs credit they took one diner and give them good use without some lazy drag and drop


Copypasta when?

You need mobile versions

Me: finds his address and ships the cash to him for return of the game 

Dude is $1 and even if you can't buy it just watch the many youtubers who also support the creators

You seriously should include manlybadasshero in one your games as he needs to be canon in the zed lore

can i ask but how did you plan the Kickstarter as i often seen Kickstarter creators but never plan out Incase of wins and fail (not enough money or too much money and not using it well) so how did you plan it so you can make sure incase one thing could go wrong?

I wish i knew of the Kickstarter cause i would of so funded it for the teirs

I hope you show this to Nottingham contemporary as i would love to see this in a art museum

Ah ok thanks

I did a Google but I wanted to check incase my info was incorrect 

Can you kindly explain the last point

Who are ADL, SPLC, or CAHN?

Just so I understand 

Wish this had a android port

Ever since thr previous pack

How is your cat your adopted?

I hope you someday release a full box set of your dvds

Yay better be big