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Hey Drakon,

Easiest way for a Blender beginner to do what you want is to import the animations fbx and the character you want in the same blend file. Then on the character you want to use, to each part of the character you add a new 'Object Constraint' and set it to 'Child Of'. Then you select the Armature of the fbx as your 'target' (that would be the KayKit Animated Character .fbx) and under 'Bone' you select the corresponding piece of the character (head to head, armLeft to armLeft etc.)

It's best to have both the characters located at 0,0,0 postion, so that the pieces line up by default. If they don't you need to press 'Set Inverse' in the newly created object constraint on the pieces that are not aligned.

After this you have the 4 pieces of the new character (head,body,armLeft,armRight) connected to the skeleton with all the animations, you can now just delete the Prototype Pete mesh and you have your new rig set up!

Let me know if this worked for you or if you have any questions.

Thanks! :)

You're welcome! Good luck on your project :)

Heya, thanks! The animations are available for free here :
There's a preview video where you can see all the animations too.

Hope that helps :)

Heya, the assets are not textured. They are coloured with materials, so you can change colours in your game engine.

If you wish to convert to textures you can texture them yourself in 3D software of choice, for which there are many tutorials available online!

Hope that helps,

Yep they are free for personal and commercial use, no attribution required. (CC0)

You can find more details on the license here;


Yep! With the CC0 license you are free to use the assets even for commercial purposes. You can check the full license here :

Thanks for asking!

Heya Dharby,

Yeah I agree with you, it's a fine balance between making something easy to use right out of the box and giving a ton of customization ability. 

For the characters I was thinking of making a pack that focuses on adding a lot of separate pieces so one could create their own character basically (nose/eyes/brows/headshape etc.), I agree and think that would be pretty cool.

As for the animations I'm actually already working on something (see tweet below) that would allow for importing a separate rig into your game engine and then you'd parent each piece of the character (arms/head/body) to the rig and it would be animated without having to skin and rig each individual character.

Still currently working on this, making sure it works in the main game engines I want to support (Unity/Unreal/Godot). Don't really have an ETA for this but it's in the works!


Thanks Cyberman-42! 

Yeah I agree a samurai would be pretty cool, I don't think it fits within the dungeon crawler style though. I might do a pack with a bunch of Eastern/Asian style things, ninja's, samurai etc. in the future. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Oh thank you so much Amaro :) Will surely keep creating more, the reception has been great so far!

There are no animations included, the characters are very simple and not rigged so you can do all animating in your game engine :)

There are no 2D sprites included, and I currently don't have any plans to start exporting 2D sprites. Maybe someday in the future this could be supported, but not anytime soon.

Awesome! Thanks for playing my game, glad to hear you like it. Merry Christmas to you too :)

Thanks for playing, hope you had a good time :D

Cool video :) Thanks for playing

Thanks for checking out my game and making a video! Great watch

Thanks :) Hope you had fun

Thanks for playing Surprise Stack! :)

Hey guys I just released my first (free) asset pack, a variety of different guns in a vector art style.

Check it out here;

If you like what you see you can keep up to date on the next pack over here :