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They are included in the .gltf files of the characters. If you import the character into Godot you can view and play them through the animation player that's on the character. I suggest following the tutorial below if you're having problems importing assets into Godot.



I'm not familiar with UE5 myself so I'm not sure if I can help with this properly, there's a channel (#unreal) on my discord where people might be able to give you further assistance ( ) so feel free to post your problem there, or look through previous answers to see if there's already a solution.

The texture error is due to a problem where the name of the texture and the material in unreal cannot have the same name, you can fix this by renaming the texture and reimporting and applying to the material.

For the smoothing to work in UE you need to change the default import setting for the smoothing/normal groups to : Import Normals and Tangents

This may still give warnings regarding smoothing groups, but those can be ignored as the smoothing will be applied regardless.

For .gltf I'm not sure what the issue would be, it seems .gltf support for Unreal Engine is relatively new so there's not much info I can find. At the moment I suggest using the above fixes in the .fbx until UE5 has better support for .gltf.

I hope this helps, sorry for the inconvenience. You're welcome to join the Discord and ask your question there again, there are UE5 users there with more knowledge than me on the subject.



Yeah that's correct, the capes are single-sided so they work well with cloth physics so they only show the backside by default. To make the front side show up you could duplicate the material and turn off backface-culling (or turn on 'doublesided faces', depending on your engine). I'm not familiar with UE5 myself but there should be a checkbox or something in the material settings (for the cape's material) that says backface-culling/doublesided/twosided etc., try turning that on/off to see if that works.

Let me know if that helped, thanks :)


Yeah they are shareable, you will have to create a generic (or humanoid, but generic avatar) avatar in Unity from the import settings on one character you want to use (say for example the Barbarian), you can then set up the Barbarian with all its animations into an animation player etc. Then when you want to use a 2nd character, on the import settings you do -> Avatar Definition : Generic ( Create from Existing Avatar) and you pick the Barbarian Avatar.

The reason why the barbarian has shooting animations and the mage has fighting animations, is in case you want to equip your barbarian with a crossbow or gun etc. This animation set (and making the Generic rigs) will work on future characters too (I'm currently working on skeleton enemies, so they will also have the same animations + new skeleton ones)

Hope that helps!


Heya, you can change the scale on import in Unreal, ( )

Change the Import Uniform Scale from 1.0 to 100 (or 0.01 depending on if the models are bigger or smaller than intended in your project)

Hope that helps!

Yes! These are being worked on currently, it may take a while but the idea is to have atleast 1 set of enemies done before the end of the year, it will be a remake of the old skeleton pack :)

The assets have the Creative Commons 0 1.0 (CC0) Licensed so you are free to do with them as you please (except claim they are your own), even for commercial projects. Giving credit is not required, but would be greatly appreciated. You can read the full terms on the Creative Commons website here :

Good luck with your project! :)

All the colours are included in the materials, if you're using Roblox this will not work, but for most other engines you can use the .fbx (Unity+Unreal) or .gltf (Godot,Gdevelop,Defold). However, this asset pack will receive an updated version (picture below) in 2 weeks, which will have texture support for Roblox (and other engines that need a .png texture).

Very cool! Looking great, this sure will come in handy once I get started in Godot myself :)

If you plan on making more tutorials like these with my assets, send me a DM on Twitter ( and I'll send you the extra/source packages for free :)


I guess you just don't rename it 😅

Do you get any errors? It might be your animator component that can't find the prefab after you rename it, so just relink it after you rename it.

Let me know if that works.



Thanks for the reply :) Yeah I figured as much so I also contacted support earlier today.

Is there any more info you need from me to help resolve this issue?

Just going to bump this as this is quite a major issue. I'd like to know it's received and considered :)

That depends a little on your blender skills I suppose, all pieces can be removed but obviously there is no 'naked' model under there. It's an optimized mesh so most of the unneeded geometry is removed.

I'd like to add another issue relating to free packs with paid content.

Creating a download key for a free package only grants access to the free content, not the paid content. There seems to be no way of giving people access to paid content through the means of a download key, you can only make a key to give people the content for free that was already freely available on the page itself.

I know this is most likely not on your roadmap at the moment but just in the offchance that this would be an easy fix I would greatly appreciate it, as my whole business model relies on this :)

(1 edit)

Heya, I have an issue with listing a sale for a bundle and before I commit to launching a sale I would like some clarification if possible.

The situation; I have 2 projects that are free by default, but there are two paid tiers for people who want to provide extra support for extra content, or receiving the source files. ( & ).

Sales price issue.

The price tiers are 8 dollars (7.95) and 12 dollars (11.95) respectively, when selecting a % discount it mentions the % is applied to the minimum prices, assuming this would turn 8 and 12 dollars into 4 and 6, however there's no feedback to check if this is true. I can put the sale up as a draft and it only mentions it's -50% off, but not what the actual prices would be.

See below:




Clicking either of the links takes me to the live asset pack and so there's no way of knowing what the actual price is before committing to launching a sale

Bundle issue

If I make a bundle through itch's sales interface the default bundle price defaults to 0.00 USD, most likely because the asset packs are free by default. However there's no way of knowing what a customer will actually receive once they buy the bundle. If I put my custom price at 16 dollars for example, will people then receive content from ALL price tiers, is there any way to set a bundle price for specific tiers? I.e. if you pay 12 dollars you get the 8 dollar content from both projects/packs?

Again there's no feedback in the drafted version of the sale, and I don't know if launching a sale will send a notification to the 4000 people that follow me saying that there's a sale. I really don't want to have to launch a sale specifically to test what the outcome of this is. I understand my usecase is not very typical, wanting to bundle multiple projects that are free but have multiple priced options. But any feedback or insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :)

Yep, you can use these :

There's a video guide link too


The characters are low-poly optimized, so the armor is the body. You can swap out body/limbs/heads between characters, but there's no 'underneath'.

 The free version includes the 4 main characters, they are free for commercial use too, you can use those to check if this fits your needs.


Heya, yep that's totally possible. All the weapons are parented to the hands but are still seperate objects you can remove or disable in-engine, they are just attached to the hands for convenience as it's easier to remove them than to add them. You should be able to just select the weapons and delete/hide/disable them, the weapons are also included as seperate .fbx files in the Assets folder, so you can import them from there.

Hope that helps! :) Good luck with your project

The animations are included in the character's .fbx or .gltf files. I suggest you follow a basic tutorial on implementing animated characters in UE5

Heya, could you give me a little more information?

What version of UE are you using?
What is the problem exactly, which error code do you get?
What steps have you taken to try to get this to work?

Just posting 'help' doesn't give me much to go on..

Thanks! :D Glad to hear it. I'm planning on making more assets like these, so be sure to check back in the future :)
Good luck with your project

Patrons got this pack a month early + access to over 30 characters including 4 of the adventurers and a new character each month. I'm sorry that you are dissapointed but you get a pretty good deal for only 5 EUR with all the content that's available on my Patreon already.

The EXTRA and SOURCE versions available on itch are extra ways for people to support me creating the majority of my assets for free.

People can do whatever they like with the assets, so they'll never have to worry about copyright issues in any way. Even without a CC0 license people can just re-sell any assets and I wouldn't have the time or finances to pursue them in legal court.

I offer everything as CC0 and rely on the goodwill of people to not abuse the system by reselling it as is. I haven't really had any issues with it so far, if it occurs more often I may think about changing the license. But there are no standard licenses that would fit these needs, and using a custom license is much harder to enforce and people wouldn't have the benefit of already knowing what a CC0 license is.

So for the moment I'm happy with the terms from the CC0 1.0 license


Did you check the included documentation? There's a step-by-step guide for Unity included.

Hope that helps,

Heya, thanks for your feedback!

I have an update planned that adds half-walls, I see your point about the corners and I will see if I can add a solution for that as well. 

Alternatively for the moment you could fix these things by halving your grid size, as the current corners will fit the walls if you move them .5 tile in your current set up, no need to overlap.

All the best,



Yep! The Orc Warband as well as all other content is still available on my Patreon, subscribing at 5€+ gets you everything, including all the mystery characters (20-25 total).

Hey, sorry for the late response.

I'll need some extra time to look into this as I'm not too familiar with UE4. If you happen to have found a fix yourself already, please do post it in this thread so I can update the documentation.


If you can't explain what the problem is beyond 'it doesn't work' then I really can't help you. Are you following the included documentation? There's a guide specifically for Unreal Engine 4 included in the pack. Which steps are you having issues with?


You'll need to be a bit more detailled about the problem you're having in order for me to help. Are you following the documentation? Which step(s) are you having issues with? Which version of UE4 are you using?

The assets are all coloured using materials, if you're using the .obj format make sure to include the .mtl file aswell. If you're using one of the other file formats (.fbx / .gltf / .dae) make sure to check the documentation on the tool or engine you're using if the assets show up without colour.

Heya, thanks for using my assets!

Most of my asset packs (including the dungeon pack) has a folder with 'KayKit Brand resources' inside of it, those contain a variety of logo's you can use for your splash screen, like this one :

Hope that helps!

I have no experience with THREE.js so I can't really offer much support, the way the animations work is that you parent the head of the character you want to use to the head bone of the KayKit Animated Character. Game engines provide re-targeting tools for this, if your engine doesn't then I'm afraid I don't know how to make this work for you.

Yes I can but I really need some more info on what you're doing.

-What engine are you using?

-Did you follow the documentation in the Animation Pack?

-What exactly doesn't work? At which steps are you encountering problems

The characters are between 4-6k tri's on average. I'm not planning on making even lower poly versions.

Included files are FBX, OBJ, DAE and GLTF. The files are compatible with most game engines on the market (including Unity, Godot, and Unreal Engine) and work on any platform.

2D renders are not included, but if your engine supports it you can render it in 2D.

Hmm that's very odd, I cannot seem to reproduce your error, I even tried with Unity 2021.1.23f1

From your screenshot everything seems to be as it should. 

I don't have a lot of experience with Unity so, by ''Local transform is all set to zero when importing'' does that mean you changed something on the import settings yourself? Because I've just been using the default import settings and that gives me no troubles.

Have you tried importing to a newly created project, does that give you the same issues?