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much love.

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this was so wonderful!! i loved the writing. it was both pretty and goofy at times, love it. also the centaur and naga are so cute <3 be still my woman loving heart. i also lovedddd the art!! it gave this fairytale vibe with the colors and the brush you used. overall, very lovely

if you ever do, i'll be sure to support it! <3

ohhh my god. this was an amazing game!! this hit so personally. like. the rping, the online relationships, all of that made me cringe at my own old memories where i was an unsupervised child on the internet.

but god!!! i love them. bee and kayla deserve the world and i wish ruffians was a real thing </3

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played from start to finish in one sitting and i love it!! the plot is real interesting, and i'm excited to see where it goes. all of the characters are very charming in their own ways, so you can expect me falling for all of them. (kana and rory especially!! though i love all of them) while i don't have a twin sibling, i think the dynamic between the twins is really well done!!! 

overall, amazing!!! again, i'm hyped to see where it leads!

from the teaser images i was initially going to go for nightowl, but quest immediately swooped my heart up ;;; i just finished his route and now i'm going for nightowl!

the way people converse is genuinely so realistic!! from the servers i've been in i can point at a person and someone in this game and go "you vibes"!! a really fun time overall!!

i adore this game to bits. everything about this visual novel is stunning!! it clearly has a lot of love put into it, from the story, to the artwork, and just everything. i love this game's approach to the main character's personal struggles regarding gender, sexuality, etc. and how supportive cove was throughout! just made me love him even more!! i loved all of the side characters, especially miranda and terry. those two are lovely. i'm both disappointed and relieved i found this game only now, seeing as step 4 was recently released, though it would have been nice to cheer this vn on earlier!

it was amazing to play through! sat at my laptop playing it for hours straight without realizing, everything being so engaging. i'll be holding this game close to my heart for a long while.

i've played this on repeat now to play all the routes up to the latest update! it's such a wonderful game, and the effort put in to it really shows. i'm very excited about the next episode!!

how are all the characters so charming in their own way? i'll never know

cloud said 'oh worm'

and i felt that.

jokes aside!!! i love this vn to bits?? their designs are so unique, and the colors used are so pleasing to me and just. aaagh,, love it. <3

ang galing!! the story is so simple, yet heartwarming. though i've never had the same experience, my chest ached- well, aches, even now as i'm typing! the filipino just. really hits home for me. though i am a bit rusty, salamat para sa mga karanasan. cute visuals! overall, amazing game.