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i guess it was fine. 5/5

I rate this game a 8/8 for being a video game; I was not paid to write this #notgamergate2011

Needs more anime tiddies


Seriously tho the game works well despite it not thinking there was an file for awhile for some reason? But I can see using this for dnd or just general world building. More options and menus would be nice if you wanna keep working on this but as it is now it's really good

It did what it said it would. Made terrain. With rivers, trees, mountains, and villages. Roofs of the houses look a little too big so they look like weird red rocks. Scaling options to change the overall size of the map would be helpful if I wanted a smaller or larger map. Aesthetically it looks clean and was a blast to play. 100% in only an hour which for some game would be a problem but for this game is worth every moment. I'm giving this game G4's game of the year award for 2007.