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"So yeah, this is why the ears and tail. We still haven't hired more people because SOMEONE forgot how to WRITE." - Tess from Tech Support

"I'd love to go to sweat beans more often, or at all really, but I just cannot handle coffee in any form. Maybe I'm allergic? It would be weird since I can handle sodas and energy drinks fine." - Tess from Tech Support

"The further dates went extremely well, and truth be told Alice had made a betting pool with a couple other gals around the building if I'd ask her out." - Tess from Tech Support

"On one hand, I had to set up their whole office in one afternoon tech wise. On the other hand, the following day I just lazed around there and troubleshot. And got to see all the kitties happen." - Tess from Tech Support

"Oh so that's what happened. Also Tucker's cute, wonder if she'd want to hang out after work sometime." - Tess from Tech Support

"That manager looked just so mouse-reable at the bar last night, wracking their head over everything. Glad they got a good team though. Wish SOMEONE I'm not naming name but SOMEONE WHOSE OFFICE IS RIGHT BEHIND MY DESK was as dedicated to work as them." - Tess from Tech Support

"So did Amari end up going on break for a bit after what happened with Ruru or did she get a babysitter? Any idea when they decided to celebrate that occassion? I have half a mind to bring gifts." - Tess from Tech Support

"I remember when you showed up to poetry night at one of the cafés with this, gosh I had half a mind to start beatboxing with how well it flowed. And hey, you know how it is with figuring yourself out." - Tess from Tech Support

"I know how merch gets, glad you're not in IT and using her for rubber duck debugging. And workplace crushes, well... we've all had those, haven't we." - Tess from Tech Support

"Oh my god that snowstorm back then, sheesh, Alice had the worst time getting home after it. If I had known the traffic folks were throwing a party I might have snuck up to join them!" - Tess from Tech Support

This story is absurdly adorable and sweet, and I'm not just saying that because Tess the Tech Support Cat Girl is present here in a pretty critical cameo.

Gosh, this game... 

I knew it existed vaguely but kinda forgot about it until my girlfriend reminded me a couple weeks ago, suggesting I play it to get over my own anxiety of entering women's public changing rooms and locker rooms and showers and such. That anxiety runs pretty deep and even prevents me from going into clothing stores or the women's clothing aisle in supermarkets. 

But this short, sweet game about a trans girl like myself spending time with her friends and getting to have fun, it was nice. I didn't go for all the endings, because the ending I got playing through the second time, which was Erika End 2, was probably the most satisfying one for me. 

Thanks for making this game, for blessing the world with cuteness and a safe way to experience anxiety all trans people face.