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Katho Hash

A member registered Mar 14, 2020

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Mikel Fick and Ramon Van, I must thank you for your work, I really enjoyed the demo prologue and I sincerely wanted to keep playing! I downloaded the demo a while ago, but I didn't have time to play it until now (March 13, 2020). The game is very intuitive, the graphics are incredible (Within what it offers, of course) And if it's very entertaining, perfect for burn some fun :) The Skeleton Boss was hard to kill, I figured since the game gave you the option to play with someone else, I thought this Boss was made for two players, but in the end it could. I look forward to the full game, I have a YouTube channel called THECATGO, and if the finished game exceeds my expectations, I will not hesitate to give it a bit of publicity in a video.

My Requests and advice (if any have already implemented it Forget it)

1.- That the game is also in Spanish (My mother tongue is Spanish and it would be great if it were)

2.- That the character has more animations and fighting skills. They would be giving the puppet more life and expanding the controls.

3.- It would also be nice if we as players could customize our appearance. Although I think they will not take that into account because the game has a history and follows the blond protagonist.

4.- That the enemies drop more coins, I did not have enough to compare better weapons and powers to face the Skeleton Boss :(

That's all for now :)