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A member registered Sep 16, 2017

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I literally just recently made an account just to tell you this:

This game. Is. FRICKING. and when I say, FRICKING, I mean F R I C K I N G , amazing. 

I've never felt so invested in a free VN in all my life before. This will probably be my number one for a while.

Not only is it free and beautifully-made, it also holds beautiful art, lovely music, and lovable characters to go with. I especially loved the Main Character, as she started off imperfectly, with the whole "I'm-Cheerful-And-Adored-By-Everyone-Because-I'm-Cute-And-Perfect" gimmick that most heroines tend to showcase. I loved that she was stoic and bitter at first, with reasonable intentions of course, and I loved how she was close-minded-turned-to-character-development. It's lovely. 

I loved the rest of the characters too. I love the story line, not to mention the beautiful, beautiful, soundtrack and art. It's free, beautifully-crafted, and overall spectacular. Breath-taking.

Looking SOOOO forward to your future games, Dicesuki. Best otome game of the year and possibly the best otome game ever. Please make more <3