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Oh, most people have pushed pretty hard to focus on the video game version. As far as that's concerned, I shouldn't have too much more to do before it's near-final, but I want to make some printable cards to make it easier.

Sure! I think I'll try to make a free demo work soon. You're right that I didn't include as much info about it.

It's a game where advancement is based on gaining abilities that can be used to solve puzzles or can be used creatively in combat. You gain what you need to get abilities through puzzle solving and collecting things and though "standard" combat exists, most larger scale fights aren't standard and have puzzle elements to them. It also uses a bit different dice system based on a d8 where failure and success aren't absolute (you can have degrees of success and consequences to your actions).

I don't even know :c I'm making steady progress and I've been posting update logs on Patreon but I keep being one step from release. I've gotten most of the code working; just need to make sure items work right as well as victory/game over then I'll be releasing the first build. Victory and game over are really simple and should take like an hour total; items are the real bugger. Hopefully it won't take long for those either if everything behaves well.

Don't worry; I'm PMing you now.

I know... I've been posting Patreon updates. I'm really sorry about the delay... I'll get a demo up ASAP.

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Wait, really? There was more to that text for sure. Let me take a look and see what's wrong.

EDIT: Okay, I'm just stupid. I included an old WIP version of that file in the last build instead of the updated version. Gimme a sec to upload the correct version; I swear I fixed this multiple builds ago >.>

EDIT2: I did fix it multiple builds ago. I just somehow got left with an old file.

Sorry that's taking so long >.> I'm trying desperately to get at least a better demo out.

Oh, sorry. Thought I posted this but I guess not >.> Due to complications with the art, it's probably gonna take a week or a bit longer to release the full version.

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Hello then~ Trying to get a few other devs involved as well. A certain kink community may take interest in this jam; hope that doesn't drive too many people away.

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That's a fun idea~ Though it's a bit unrealistic in time length unless you modify it :P