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You have to finish it before submitting.

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So... I really got to do this, eh?
Welp, here we go.


It's been a long and tough road ever since the end of World War Two. Ever since the death of your teammates from the hands of the German War Machine, you walk alone in a world where soldiers are no longer needed for as peace presumes its course. You, being the unsung thirteenth of a single squad who tried to liberate and escape a German concentration camp, managed to run away from such a place... but not without the unintended sacrifices of your twelve squad mates. Being the only one left from your team, you are haunted by their frightening images as you are left to wander alone in a place where soldiers aren't of need anymore. Do you intend to continue this long and dangerous road? ...or do you intend to pay the price for being the only surviving squad member in your team?

Unlike some games where the characters are cheeky, cute living bastards, the game focuses more on the thoughts and horrors that a veteran soldier faces in a world where war isn't a job application anymore. The game doesn't rely on jumpscares and anything that just puts it apart from the horror genre. But a bit of a reminder, it's not for the faint of heart. It is rather a nerve-wracker considering that you just don't know where they come from.