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Okay, so, Build 5 is added with a major overhaul! I implemented a main game mechanic which is explained in the first post. I couldn't post a video this time, but a very early demo map, a simple win-lose scenario, and a bunch of other things are added.

The main game mechanism is derived from the idea of two-state floors. Players can "turn" them on and off and eventually, the aim is to be able to reach certain points of the map which are otherwise unavailable.

This is the first major release of the prototype, I hope it's at last something you can evaluate. Everything's available at the link of the first post.

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Getting better!

Someone suggested me to expand gameplay since it's a very early prototype yet so far. Though, now I added some UI things because I felt it was necessary for comfortable testing. Smooth scrolling and zooming are added; the latter is a bit buggy though.

The maps are now read from picture files that makes the job much **much** faster!

And a new gameplay feature is also added: blocking towers!

Everything new are available at the link above. I'm waiting for suggestions, ideas and impressions.

Okay, so...I've been making games for more than 2 years, but now, I want something good! By this, I mean I consider myself being far beyond making Snake, Super Mario, Pong, Tetris or Space Invaders clones.

I'm not saying it's true but I'd try to make some core mechanics and improve them to have something I can build upon for something bigger.


To sum up: it's a simple LÖVE project with 2 players, with who you can move in a turn-based fashion. You control both of them, being able to manipulate (so far only) the floor tiles around you in specific patterns.

I'm interested in impressions and suggestions related to game mechanics. I have no desire to waste time on it if it's not a viable idea, so I'd ask a few, rather broad questions. Is the size difference between the area of effect and the number of steps a player can do during a round an issue? Can this concept be stretched and/or improved? What are your feelings: can it be engaging with the addition of some content?

What I want to do is the addition of some simple puzzle mechanics, and a bit of action (such as other means of attack and threats), but I'm willing to go on to other directions if you have better suggestions.

Every response are welcome!