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Very interesting idea but way to hard. Managed to get past level 0 but I'd say it was pure luck. Graphics and sound are good, moving around is fun, dashing feels great. Overall it's quite an amazing game!

Great idea with combos keeping you alive! I had fun playing it, wish it was longer than 3 levels! You could add more sounds and with jumping you could try changing velocity in nonlinear way so it would feel better. Thanks to this jam I found useful article on that topic which you may like as well: https://chicounity3d.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/how-to-lerp-like-a-pro/

Loved it! Game feels great, it's awesome to retry each time seeing you're getting better at it. Huge role plays very good level design. First seconds are made in way that ensures player understands how to play and then placement of enemies which expects you to use a bit different strategy for each of them. Great game!

Game definitely is a bit rough around the edges but it's fun to jump around. Couldn't see dual purpose in that as I had to give up on second level. After like 100 tries I decided it's impossible to jump on that high shelf. Yet still retrying it was fun, I really enjoyed how character moves around!

That's probably one of the most unusual ideas I've seen made for this jam. Really cool!

Neat idea! A bit too easy maybe but I had good time playing it. It's looking good as well :)

Was quite fun. It was hard to get hang of controls at start as that jump is almost instantly getting you high and it's hard to control. Perhaps smoother movement would make the game feel better. Good job with the game + that's a pretty cover art! :D

Really weird, really good. Only why is it 391MB? :)

My favourite game of this jam, absolutely outstanding job! Nailed the theme, it plays really good and boy that huge monster scared me! :D

Really pretty game! Gameplay is good, just little things like infinite floor/walls, enemies making noise would help so I would know if there's someone attacking me from behind. Also it wasn't clear what's giving me health and on my first really good playthrough, when I was smashing them little flying bastards my framerate dropped to something 5 :( But it's really well made, love it! Would definitely play longer if not those frame drops.

This game has really good feel, it's fast paced, music is incredible. Would be fun if I had someone to play with :D Maybe adding some static targets flying around, appearing at random positions etc. would be good idea.

Scored 110! Nice little game :)

Looks good, sounds good, screen shake is a bit too violent :D Restarting from beginning made me quit earlier than I wanted, it's a bit tedious to go through easy beginning levels for some time just to get smashed in few second on one of the harder levels. But I really enjoyed this game! At first it felt too hard but it's great fun to try again and again and do better each time :)

This game looks really pretty, I love the graphics. Although it's missing sounds/music. That's the only reason why I didn't give you 5 stars for aesthetics. Sounds would also help with teaching how to play, I had to stop the game once, read instructions again to get the idea that different things happen when you release button quickly or hold it. I would realise it instantly if the game told me that with different sounds :) 

I would say game matches the theme because of fire used as a weapon and it's needed to light your path except... the latter isn't really true :D enemies eyes glow in the dark, level end goal glows with different colour and camera is always focused on player. Light is only allowing you to see pretty background and player's silhouette!
I enjoyed it, couldn't get past level 6. I believe it would be really awesome game if expanded!

Oh man, that's awesome! Great idea, feels good, just quickly gets repetitive. Right after I found the rhythm there was no real challenge left.

It's not really clear what's the goal there, took me a while to figure out there are some coins :D Definitely should be more of them, it's too short!

I really like the idea, however it's a bit too hard to execute  those moves. Maybe automatically launching player up after hitting enemy? I was quite often blocked by enemy after the dash so I ended up mashing buttons randomly hoping I will get higher :D

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Did you add a zip file download for a browser game? :D It's quite relaxing to play :)

Way to hard for me but really love how movement feels!

186! :D Third game I play in this jam, and third time the same idea about shooting/movement but that's actually the first one I had really good fun with, great game!

Can't go past that first gap but for the ambience? 5/5 best game here for me!

Got 26! :D Engaging game, really good.

Music <3

5/5 for that awesome idea :D Sadly NumLock doesn't work :<

Great game, just sometimes camera is covered by an obstacle :/

One love for music games! :D

People really reacted like that? Can't believe :/

Oh sorry to hear that, I don't have a mac so couldn't test it. The game is not really worth that much effort tho. Unless you feel that rolling over naked ugly gingee gnomes is what you need in your life. Of course.

Uploaded mac build ;)