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My man wheels really tried to do me dirty. I think if the monsters were more dynamic it would've done a whole other level for the horror element. The 1 bit color scheme just screams for them to crawl out from the sides of the room randomly rather than spawning in statically. I also got a bit lost since the newest area unlocked isn't necessary where the next meetup for wheels is. Other than that great game!

Got a soft spot for vector graphics. Nice work

Very concise and cute experience! A lot of people went abstract rather than literal with the theme this year so I give it a pass. Great first game!

Pretty cool. Maybe if the action indicators were closer to the character I wouldn't have to move my eyes around so much.

very cool and thematic

Fun game but got softlocked

Looks cool but can't figure out what's going on.


Very cool!

Download link?

this aligns well with the theme, but I got stuck in a hole and could not get out. It didn't seem possible to jump high enough to progress.

Hard to tell if what I'm doing with the orbs is helping with the date.

Cool concept, but found it hard to craft quickly enough. Tutorial should mention screen scrolls and how crafting deals with that

lmfao. You got me I laughed pretty hard.

Pretty cool. I feel like the game can be pretty picky about me pulling the bolt back too fast or not pulling the bolt down far enough

So cute!

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We used Godot! Me and my boyfriend are long time programmers but not in godotscript. Still had an easy time. We made Last Mag: Make it count. A game where there's many guns but only 1 magazine.