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Really amazing idea. The game was fun to play and most likely will be playing this more. Interested to see how its going to be on full release.

Made some gameplay of it

not fan of these puzzle games at all, all it gives me is only a one big headache. I can still appreciate this games atmosphere and style which is amazing. I can see this being an amazing game for people who enjoy puzzle solving. Game feels almost like little nightmares.

Made some no commentary walkthrough:

yea it is pretty disgusting how they don't take responsibility for their own website. Questioning the legality of this kind of business in eu, but hey it is at least good that people know not to trust this site.

Quick review: Was not expecting much when starting this game, but soon saw how great it feels and plays. Voice acting is on point, game is fun and gives you the spooks through jumpscares, but for me the atmosphere didn't feel much. This will happily go to my favorite games list.


Best browser horror game i have played to date. Definitely recommend playing it! Btw are you from finland? saw that tuonela sign and made think of it.

Made a no commentary walkthrough

Fun and chill "ps1" style horror game, to quickly playthrough. Love the scuffed voice acting always!

Made a no commentary walkthrough

Love to hear that!

Pretty fun short game, as always from Matthew ager. You pump out new games like it was your last day lmao. excited to see what you come up with next.

Made a video.

Not the biggest fan of visual novels, but the game felt allright. Had some challenging puzzles. Only thing that was kinda overwhelming was the amount of text shown at once. i lost track of what i was reading more than i can count, but that might just be me and my reading skills.

Made a full walkthrough if you need some help with puzzles.

btw do you have any press kit tools? aka High resolution pictures from the game, wasn't able to get any good ones from the game

i will check them out! Didn't link the channel due to rules saying no self-promotion. Channel can be found on my profile page and my name is same pretty much everywhere.

please don't be like every other studio and underestimate the importance of motion blur turn off option. Motion sickness is a real issue. 

I will still play the and make video about it, but doing so i will have a headache rest of the day and feel like shit.

Scariest one i have played from you so far, didn't help that i chugged a energy drink before playing. Great game with multiple endings.

Managed to find 2 endings, not sure how the trigger the last one.

Sure will do right away!

hell yeah! good to hear it worked out!

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Great visual novel horror game. Game had really nice music on the background, overall game looked good and played well.

Only thing that can be confusing/hard to find is the saving feature, had to start couple times from beginning. (when you are in game press esc and save) also. Auto text can be a bit fast on longer text, but that's about it. Would recommend. 

Here is something to see if the game is for you

Not that familiar with unity, but only action is most likely to take them to court. Disgusting that someone does this. If i remember right steam takes these things very seriously, most likely you can get the game removed from there without much of an issue. After all they are selling it for 4 euros and claiming its their game. Contact a lawyer and see what happens

For me they said they bought the assets. sucks to hear that something like this can happen with unity

Got to the point where there is a storage, not sure if it is as far as the alpha demo goes, but game looks pretty good so far. Variety of graphics settings and the one setting that i can never praise enough MOTION BLUR toggle! Excited to see how it will look on full release.

Done! video will be out in like an hour. Game feels great, played the evdeki lanet before this one, it was the same from the start with some minor changes. can't wait to see how it will be further into to the game, fps part sounds fun. Not sure is the room with storage as far as the alpha demo goes, Didn't find how to progress after that.

False Flag. Emailed the other studio about this just to be sure and its all good.

Sorry for the trouble. Emailed the other studio about this just to be sure and i understand it now. Happy to make a video later today.

Great short horror game to play through when you are bored.

i am sorry i will not check it out. Looks too shady from the beginning. If you had read the requirements for this you would have also known that you don't have a small following and why a small following will be a must have.

"only requirement is that you have a small following, Why you may ask? This is not safest place for consumer to download games, since anyone can publish a game. So having a small following will help gain some trust before downloading the games."

I am not familiar with unity's copyright policies, but i am almost sure that making a game look the same is against that.

Why do you mean you are not downloading RAR files? rar file viruses go past some of the virus checks, i am not gambling here when i just want to help small game devs.

Be careful with this one. Can't be 100% certain but the game might not be his. Game looks exactly like evdeki lanet from steam and rar file got my suspicions up

Pretty unique idea for a game also quite weird. the game is pretty okay and has a nice horror feel, but be repaired to get your eyes destroyed

Made some gameplay

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i am bit suspicious about this one.  The game is exactly the same as evdeki lanet. Can you provide proof this is yours? Do you have the map licensed or something? Look at these and you see why i am so suspicious

evdeki lanet:

video from evdeki lanet by me:

Edit: I am sorry i will not download rar files

Done! Video will be out later today. Unique idea for a game and one of the weirdest, pretty good overall

I will check it out soon! busy with new releases atm

A must play! Emika games is one of my favorite game publishers out there, must check out all of their games. Can't wait to see more from them!

Emika games always surprises me by how good their games are, one of the favorite publishers out there! A must play

is it VR only?

one of the best free horror games i have played this far was black rose, its from steam not sure can you get it here too.

One of the weirdest games i have ever played, Made a video from part 1 and 2 combined. Keep doing you

One of the weirdest games i have ever played, Made a video from part 1 and 2 combined. Keep doing you

Done! made a video from part 1 and 2 combined, have to say one of the weirdest ones i have played. Keep doing you