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Kanishka Chakraborty

A member registered Oct 15, 2016

Recent community posts

Thats why I couldn't play Multiplayer before going to school... Aha!

Looking forward to that.

Can you share your AI? It is GREAT. Maybe I can get some ideas.

ConsciouS-ONE's Consciousness is knocked out unconscious. LOL

My nemesis is 'Salt'. He is totally Bad-ass

The Praying Mantis

Replied to Johnbob in [Test] Alpha 5

And yeah. Neat trees are better. Mine look like spider webs. 😥

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Dr D, when will Create Maps come to Gladiabots? And one of my friends suggested something like a 'party system's. I don't think it's possible in the game, as there will be too many teams, or very small number of bots per player. What do you think?

Replied to Johnbob in [Test] Alpha 5

Shotgun is weak, but kills faster. More damage.

Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5

That's more like it!

Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5

All except Shield

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Dr D, Did you forgive me? 😟

With me. 😂

It will be his head

Yeah. Sort of. Extremely sorry. Conscience is eating me inside out.

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

I... Reinstalled Gladiabots to... Umm... Get 1000 Points again (I know, cheating is a very bad idea.)

The game totally messed up. But, it did me good. I found a bug, and formed a suggestion.

Bug: AI Editor messed up, Only Shield category commands were available.

Suggestion: In Multiplayer, people should have accounts to which they can sign in using passwords (preventing people like me from cheating) to prevent ghost accounts. Inactive accounts can be removed after a certain duration of time (TBD by Dr D) This will prevent people from getting 'This name is taken' when the account owner has actually stopped playing. For now, 'Kanishka' is a ghost account. I'm playing with 'Kanishka_Droid'.

P.S. Dr D, I'm really sorry for trying to cheat. Please forgive me. 😢

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Opening latest version... Bugs, here I come!

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Interesting thought... We could then program attackers with

Attack - Closest - Immobile - Enemy.

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Dr D are you online?

Yeah. Right. 😂

Replied to SMArt69 in [Test] Alpha 5

Hmm... How do you expect to stop 'Shockers' from tazing the same enemy repeatedly?

Attack - Closest - NotImmobile - Enemy ?

Replied to SMArt69 in [Test] Alpha 5



All Right!

P.S. 'Salt' has a totally bad-ass AI that is continuously beating me. Prevent multiple matches between same people. Please.

Except of course GFX47_pc

Everyone's at level one.


Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5

All right.

Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5

I just finished downloading the previous file. Aagh!

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Hey! How to unlock Level 2 Multiplayer? I'm stuck.

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Okay, Suggestions for 5.0.2:

1) Proceed to Tutorials button after Tutorial levels are over

2) Skip Tutorial button

3) (Wait. I need time to think. 😅)

Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5

Happy to help

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Off topic, Dr Dubois, you are the best game dev I've ever known. Really. You communicate with us... Makes me feel important... Thanks. BTW, testing going on...

Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5

How will you give the fix to us? Another .apk file?

Replied to xb8 in [Test] Alpha 5

Okay, I read the other replies... First of all, I don't get that problem. Second, we can actually scroll with mouse wheel using OTG Cable. So Dr Dubois (I really like this more than GFX47), or xb8, contact me here in the forum (or Twitter, in case of Dr Dubois) if you wanna talk about this 'bug'.

Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5

Hmm... First I have to unlock a new class.

Replied to GFX47 in [Test] Alpha 5


Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Okay, so, Dr Dubois, how to get to Bot Customization?

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

And yeah, my AIs are intact.

Posted in [Test] Alpha 5

Hmm... So, I still have no clue about whereabouts of Bot Customization.. Running on Android. Previously had Gladiabots installed. Fantastic Graphics setting seems to go well with my device (Redmi Note 3), though there is some heating, and lags in Circle of Death. No bugs so far. Multiplayer Matchmaking ROCKS now. Great work, GFX47! (I'm not too comfortable with calling you Sebastien, or Mr. Sebastien. Maybe 'The Great Dr. Dubois. Yeah. That's better. 😁)