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I'm a bit confused with the downloads since the icon and the title
doesn't match. I'm using Windows 7, so which file I should download? ._.

Thanks for playing and making video playthrough for my games! >////<)/

ofc you can! ^^ And send me the link to the download after you translated it, so that I can put the link here too.

It's alright ^^ I noticed that the font I'm using isn't working in some pcs.

Thanks for playing! ^^ omg you even recorded it! \(0.0)/ I've watched your videos and subscribed~ sorry for late reply >_<

Whoa ; v ; Thanks for spotting the bugs! Maybe after some time I'll fix it and add new features in newer version >_<"

o m g a playthough \(O.o)/ Thanks for playing it!!

Well, for that one cave... It's actually planned for extra features after you got a password for beating the ultimate ending, but for I scrapped the idea and moved the extra features (scenes) after the credits in the ultimate ending^^;

Sorry for the late reply >.< Sure, you can! Thank you for asking me first before translating this game, I appreciate it ^^

Sorry for that! I'm trying to fix the problem somehow right now... ._. The virus won't go away no matter how many times I cleaned it, even after I remake the compressed file from the game editor... >_<" I'll fix it as soon as possible! Thanks for the information too!

Woaaah thanks for downloading and the vid! >w<