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The Game Crimson will be a Top Down MmoRpg that will be have many unique and retro features into the game to make it one of its own while maintaining nice graphics for the game, but also make it that almost any computer can play it while running unity.

The Idea Of The Game is to make something like xenimus or runescape combat while maintaining its own unique features and story to life. We will have the old school good and evil system where you kill more evil people the more good you are and likewise while all only effecting you towards what towns you can and cant go in without fighting. The game will be for Free to play in the future. 

Currently the Progress of the game is that we currently have 3 programmers, 2 modelers, 1 level designer 
We have our website up and functional but not final at .
Our trello is 70% done with everything but only open for the team. 
Things currently done in-game
Network stuff:
-Master Server
-Client Script
-Networked Player movement
-Dedicated Server Setup 

Client side Stuff:
-Basic Inventory System
-Basic Interaction
-really ive set up a lot of backbone for the game.
-now it just needs the content and to be networked 

A couple of Pictures Of either concepts of the game or in-game UI "not final" 
Small gif of in-game nothing final sorry model isnt in yet:

We Are Currently Looking For Programmers to help catch the networking sides with client and client coders, We are also looking for level designers, modelers, and Artists. Anything else we will also consider if you aren't one of these. 

Ways Of contacting me are 
Discord: Kamron#5464 
Crimson Discord Server: